Powerlifter Jessica Buettner Deadlifts a Fast 212.5kg Double

Midnight workouts. Are they the key to more strength gains? Most would probably argue that lifting that late would be extremely tough, but powerlifter Jessica Buettner continues to prove that she makes it work. Then again, Buettner is your 2018 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Junior Champion in the -72kg weight class, so maybe it’s not that surprising she can move weight at all hours of the day.

Yesterday night, Buettner shared a very strong and fast deadlift double that stopped us in our tracks this morning. Buettner’s latest double comes in the form of a speedy 212.5kg/468 lbs. This is one of her most impressive doubles we’ve seen her share to date.

In Buettner’s Instagram video’s description she writes, “212.5kg/468lbs x 2 Midnight deadlifts from yesterday @mettleptc! Worth the drive for sure. Westerns in 3 weeks will be interesting since I’ve been working a ton, working out late af and living in hotel rooms for these past 2 months. Like a drifter with a job and it feels oddly natural”

Honestly, if the above set means anything, it’s that Buettner isn’t phased by her conditions, which is an extremely great trait to have as an elite lifter who’s more prone to traveling to big competitions.

This year alone, Buettner has had a ton of successes in the sport and powerlifting and continues to move in the right direction. In late February, she perused through 2018 CPU Nationals taking home first and setting multiple national records, in addition to deadlifting 220kg/485 lbs, which was an unofficial junior world record deadlift.

Then fast forward to June at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships, and Buettner put on a picture perfect performance. She not only dominated the -72kg junior weight class, but she ended up claiming three junior world records with a 227.5kg/501 lb deadlift, a 181.5kg/400 lb squat, and 505kg/1,111 lb total.

Buettner’s latest video is a nice reminder that conditions are exactly that, conditions, and quality training can happen no matter what time of day it is.

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Feature image from @djessicabuettner Instagram page.