Junior Powerlifter Jessica Buettner (72kg) Smokes a 227.5kg (501 lb) Deadlift

A picture perfect performance.

At the 2018 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships, few junior athletes have built as much hype around their performances as -72kg Junior Canadian powerlifter Jessica Buettner. She’s had a legendary year so far, and has added another accolade to her powerlifting resume after her 9/9 performance concluded today.

Buettner was not only crowned as the -72kg Junior Champion, but she also claimed three new -72kg Junior Women’s world records, and actually broke the squat and deadlift Junior world records a total of five times throughout her performance. Her whole performance was epic, but what stole the show was her final deadlift attempt. Buettner held the previous -72kg Junior Women’s deadlift world record at 202kg (444 lbs).

To kick off her deadlifts, Buettner opened with 207.5kg (456 lbs) and moved it like a warm-up set. Then for her second, she hit 217.5kg (479 lbs), which was only 2.5kg shy of the 220kg (485 lb) deadlift she hit at CPU Nationals in mid-February.

For her third deadlift, she called for 227.5kg (501 lbs), which was enough to top her previous world record by a ridiculous 22.5kg, and allowed her to surpass the 500-lb competition deadlift milestone. Check out the video below from Team Canada Powerlifting Coach Justin Reeson!

And yes, her deadlift performance was epic, but that was only the cherry on top of a stellar overall competition.

We mentioned it above, but Buettner broke world records for a total of five times throughout her performance, and that feat started with her squats. Her opening attempt was a strong 167.5kg (369 lbs), then she called for 176kg (388 lbs) to top the previous Junior World Record by .5kg.

For her final squat attempt, Buettner wanted to push the limit even further and asked for 181.5kg (400 lbs) on the bar, which helped her hit the 400-lb milestone.

On the bench press, Buettner finished with a 95kg (202 lb) press to earn her a total of 504kg (1,111 lb), and another -72kg Junior Women’s World Record.

This performance concludes Buettner’s career as a junior powerlifter and we’re not going to lie, we don’t think she could have went out in a better way.

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Feature image from @justinreeson Instagram page.