Powerlifter Jesus Olivares Sets Unofficial Junior World Record Total of 1,055.5 Kilograms (2,326.9 Pounds)

He also smashed three Junior American records at his most recent USAPL meet.

In just his third United States Powerlifting (USAPL) meet, 22-year old Jesus Olivares set three Junior American powerlifting records and an unofficial world record. On Dec. 13, 2020, Olivares competed in the USAPL Texas Open in San Antonio, TX in the 264-pound plus weight class (120 kilograms), raw, and managed to put on his best performance to date. According to Olivares’ Instagram, he set three Junior American records in the bench press, deadlift, and total, and an unofficial world record with his total. Here are Olivares’ record-setting stats from his meet:

  • Squat — 410 kilograms (903.8 pounds)
  • Bench Press — 245.5 kilograms (541.2 pounds)*
  • Deadlift — 400 kilograms (881.8 pounds)*
  • Total — 1,055.5 kilograms (2,326.9 pounds)**

*New Junior American record

**Junior American record and unofficial world record.

Because the meet wasn’t a sanctioned International Powerlifting Federation event, the total can’t count as an official Junior World record. However, according to the IPF’s record books, Richardson Luke of Great Britain holds that record at 1,010 kilograms (2,226 pounds). You can also check out the video of Olivares’ meet, posted to his Instagram, below:


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According to Open Powerlifting, Olivares has been powerlifting competitively since he was a boy in 2013, around 14 years old, through Texas High School Powerlifting (THSPA). In 2013, he competed four times, from February to March, and went from squatting 390 pounds in his first met to 485 pounds just a month later in his last meet of that year. Olivares competed six more times in the THSPA before taking time off from the platform at 16 years old to — as it’s safe to assume — put on a ton of strength. 

Olivares made his USAPL debut at 20 years old in the junior raw division, also at 264-pounds plus. In that meet, he posted a 339.9-kilogram (749.5-pound) back squat, 215-kilogram (474-pound) bench press, and a 347.4-kilogram (766-pound) deadlift, and a 902-kilogram (1,989-pound) total. That meet was at the Winter Iron Open on Dec. 21, 2019. This means in less than one year, and with another competition sandwiched between, Olivares put 154 pounds on his squat, 67.2 pounds on his bench, 115 pounds on his deadlift, and 326.8 pounds on his total. 

That’s quite the trajectory for the young up-and-comer (if you can even call him an up-and-comer anymore). It’s safe to say that Olivares’ competitive season in 2020 is now in the rearview and that everyone will be awaiting monstrous numbers from him in 2021.

Featured image: @megatronus_65 on Instagram