Powerlifter Stefanie Cohen Strapless Deadlifts 505 lbs for Three Reps

Powerlifter Stefanie Cohen has once again shaken up the online strength community with her insane deadlift strength. In her latest video, Cohen pulled a deadlift weight that she’s hit before, but for multiple reps without straps.

In the video below, Cohen hits 505 lbs for three reps, which is right around four times her bodyweight. Possibly the best part of the video – besides the deadlift itself – is Hybrid Performance Method coach Alex Uslar acting as Cohen’s hype man, then yelling at the camera after.

It’s hard to say which deadlift set is Cohen’s most impressive to date, but this one is definitely up on the list. Cohen is currently a little over four weeks out from her next meet, which will be the Kern US Open being held May 12-13th in San Diego, California. At this meet, there will be $250,000 in case prizes, so it’s going to be exciting to see how the competition plays out.

Cohen competes in the 123 lb weight class and at her previous two meets she broke the all-time deadlift world record. In late August at the Boss of Bosses IV meet, Cohen pulled 485 lbs (220kg), which was a long-term goal of hers at the time because it eclipsed the 4x bodyweight competiton deadlift.

Then, fast forward to November at SPF Reebok Record Breakers meet and Cohen broke another all-time deadlift world record, along the 123 lb women’s total record.

At this meet, Cohen ended up pulling 495 lb (225kg), and closely missed a final attempt to surpass the 500 lb competition deadlift barrier. Now the question remains, will Cohen break the 500 lb barrier come meet time at the Kern US Open?

She’s pulled over 500 lbs without straps before on a few occasions, and we know her back strength is definitely there. For context, throwback to a month ago at the 2018 Arnold Classic when she deadlifted 545 lbs in the Animal Cage.

If I had to take a guess, then I’d bet money that this isn’t the last time we write about a huge set as Cohen gets closer to taking the stage at the Kern US Open.

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Feature image from @steficohen Instagram page.