Ray Williams Just Made History With a 477.5kg (1,053lb) Raw Squat

This year’s Arnold Classic has already lived up to its hype and has proven to be an epic showing of strength. Earlier, we saw Blaine Sumner make history with his epic 505kg single-ply IPF World Record squat, but now…it’s money time.

Ray Williams is stepping up to the plate and staking his claim in the history books with his new 477.5kg (1,053lb) IPF world record raw squat in the 120+kg weight class.

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This weekend, Williams is competing in the Sling Shot Pro American at the Arnold Classic. If he continues moving weight the same way he did in the rack, then he may just steal the show, at least for his competition.

Last year, Ray Williams became the first ever powerlifter to squat over 1,000 lbs raw in competition for IPF standards. Since that epic feat of strength, Williams has been building hype around his training and what we could expect at the Arnold this year.

A week ago, we saw Williams squat 465kg in training for a smooth single, so this 477.5kg was an awesome surprise and treat to witness.

In the above video’s description Williams wrote, “465kg (1025-ish) training went smooth!!! Exactly a week from now it’s going down, we giving God all the Glory and we are gonna let it all hang out!! It’s Money Time!!!”

Hopefully we continue to see Williams crush the competition with all of his lifts. Let’s not forget, he’s recently been increasing his deadlift strength, so it will be fun to see what he ends up totaling. Will he claim another IPF world record for his final total?

So far this weekend has definitely been money time. It’s always great to witness elite athletes like Williams crush their prep and then come out and do it on the stage in front of everyone.

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