Check Out Ray Williams Deadlifting 800 for an Easy 2 Reps

Most strength sports fans know or have at least heard of Ray “Ray Ray” Williams. He’s an elite powerlifter who holds multiple American raw records in the 120k+kg weight class.

Williams is currently in prep for the Arnold Classic where he’ll be competing in the Sling Shot Pro American. It would appear training is going great for Williams. Yesterday he shared a deadlift video where he pulls 800 for two reps.

What might be the most impressive part of the video is the time Williams spent resetting in-between reps, which resulted in no slowing of speed in his pulls.

Williams is often seen as a squat specialist in the sport of powerlifting. Yet, in the recent months his deadlift is gaining strength and is becoming equally as impressive. His best deadlift in competition is 383kg, which makes the above video highlighting 363kg for two so great.

Two weeks ago, Williams shared the below video pulling 750 for two and it looked tougher than the above 800. As the year progresses and Williams spends more time focusing on training to bring up his deadlift maxes, we have to wonder…

Could 2017 be the year we see him pull 900 lbs?

Last year in October at USAPL Raw Nationals, Williams became the first strength athlete to squat over 1,000 lbs (456kg) raw with no wraps. In addition, he set multiple American raw records at the same meet for the 120+ weight class, which included a 1,079kg total and the previously mentioned 383kg deadlift.

Time is coming to an end for athletes in prep for the Arnold, but from Williams’s latest posts we can hopefully expect something big….it’s money time. 

Feature image from @optimusprime_334 Instagram page.