A Ridiculous Walkout and 1,015 Pound Raw Squat for Ray Williams!

As Ray Williams likes to say, “It’s Money Time.”

On a recent visit to Arlington Strength, the superheavyweight Williams put on a show for the gym’s crowd, squatting an almost unbelievable 1,015 pounds raw and with one of the toughest looking walkouts we’ve ever seen.

It’s a very much unofficial world record, but impressive nonetheless.

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Yep, Williams had to take a SIX STEP walkout just to clear that rack and have enough width to squat the massive weight.

Here’s another angle that better showcases his depth and the long backwards stroll he took with north of 460 kilograms on his back.

While Williams is almost in a class of his own as far as American raw squatters, he’s got competition internationally. Jezza Uepa of the tiny island nation of Nauru has hit a 1,036 raw squat with walkout (though not as long) in training. Uepa actually holds the official IPF World Record with 455kg/1,003 pounds, which he set in international competition earlier this year.

Note that while Williams’ 1,005 pound squat is the AMERICAN record, it doesn’t count toward the World Record because it wasn’t lifted in international competition.

There’s a squat arms (legs?) race going on out there, and we can’t wait to see just how far lifters like Williams and Uepa continue to push each other.

Featured image: @taskinamin on Instagram