Reebok Nano 7.0 Leaked Photos and First Looks

Tis’ the season for cross training shoes, as leaked photos of what appear to be the Reebok Nano 7.0 showed up online last night. 

Apparently the shoe was posted on CrossFit’s store website — potentially due to someone’s error — and was quickly removed after. But before their removal, screenshots were taken, and shoe specs were noted by several fans.

The color scheme of the shoe was said to be “Yao-Vitamin C”, which is fitting for its warm color palette. They were priced at $129.99 before being taken down, which compares to models in previous years.

From the looks of the picture above, the Nano 7.0s look more similar to the Metcon 3s than previous iterations of Nano. The Reebok branding appears to have changed substantially — it’s still prominent where users are used to it, but with a more subtle touch than, say, the Nano 6.0.

A photo posted by Zyad Waseem (@zeyadwaseem) on

Its hard to tell from the photo if Reebok has made any other official changes from previous Nanos such as the use of Kevlar material. Also worth noting: there isn’t yet word on if there will be different styles of the Nano 7.0s released.

The 7.0s mark Reebok’s seventh year as the official apparel/shoe partner of the CrossFit Games. While there hasn’t been a set release date for the Nano 7, there is speculation that they will be dropped sometime in the early summer. But with images leaking this early, we could be in for an earlier surprise. (Hey, one can hope.)

Past versions of Nanos have generally been released to the public between June and July, so it would be reasonable to think the same thing may happen here.

On the topic of release dates, this past weekend Mat Fraser announced an official release date for the Nike Metcon 3s. Fraser said in an Instagram post the 3s will be released January 6th, 2017.

Feature image from @wodcastpodcast Instagram page.