Strongman Robert Oberst Pushes and Drags a 400-Pound Sled for One Mile

Oberst is building up for his return to competitive strongman in November 2022.

Strongman Robert Oberst will make his highly anticipated return to the competitive strongman arena at the 2022 Giants Live  World’s Strongest Nation (WSN) contest at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, England, on Nov. 26, 2022. He will helm Team USA against Team UK led by 2017 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Eddie Hall, who is coming out of strongman retirement for the show.

Oberst recently recovered from a shoulder tendon tear that was severe enough to keep him out of competition but not dire enough to warrant surgery. He’s healed enough to return to the gym and perform feats of strength as he did on May 7, 2022, when he pushed and dragged a 400-pound sled one mile

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Oberst opens the video continuing his ongoing trash talk to hype his clash against Hall at the 2022 WSN. As part of Oberst’s preparation for that contest, he decided to task his endurance by measuring out a mile’s length right outside Berserker Strength and Conditioning in Garden City, ID. Oberst prepared himself to push and drag the sled a total of 27 lengths of the course he made to stay within his bounds. 

As Oberst stands six feet, seven inches tall, and weighs 400 pounds, he decided the sled push should involve at least his body weight, and he would make it heavier should he find it is too easy to move early on in the trial. It was ultimately the opposite, as Oberst shared concern for his wobbly legs a quarter through the venture.

My body is already telling me to stop. My legs are getting wobbly. It’s going to get gross and dirty.

Oberst felt at ease with the sled pushes, saying he could work in that position “all day.” What drained him was the sled drags, where he walked backward with a lifting belt around his waist that was chained to the sled. Walking backward put sufficient strain on his quads and fatigued him much faster. He took a five-minute break a fourth of the way through the attempt.


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Once Oberst got back in the saddle, the weather upped the ante as it started to rain. Despite his worries of potentially having difficulty sitting for the next month due to the intensity of the quad workout, he continued. Upon completing the feat of endurance, Oberst traversed the sled a total of 5,889.23 feet — 609.23 feet farther than a mile (5,280 feet).

The 2022 WSN is a tough contest to predict outcomes for as both Oberst and Hall will be returning to competitive strongman after stints away for different reasons. While Oberst is closer to what most would consider strongman condition (i.e., following a strongman diet higher in calories, at a bodyweight of 400 pounds), it isn’t clear how he will fair in overhead events with the adrenaline of a crowd watching him compete live. Similarly, Hall may have improved conditioning for training as a boxer for the past two years; he has lost a significant amount of body weight since he left competitive strongman in 2017.

It will be a heated battle at the 2022 WSN between Hall and Oberst, and it will get even hotter once they choose which six athletes will join their respective teams.

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