Powerlifter Russel Orhii Squats 675lbs/306kg for An Insane Triple

Check out Russel Orhii's massive squat PR in training!

At the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Classic Powerlifting Championships in June, -83kg powerlifter Russel Orhii stole the show with his world record setting performance. He squatted 313kg/690 lbs, bench pressed 195kg/429.9 lbs, and deadlifted 325kg/716.5 lbs for a world record total of 833kg/1836.45 lbs. Since that performance, we’ve been following Orhii’s training gains, and over the weekend he showed that he’s after even bigger lifts when he takes the platform next at USAPL Raw Nationals.

In his most recent Instagram video, Orhii squatted 306kg/675 lb for three reps. This massive triple was a personal record for Orhii, who for context squatted 328.5kg/724.2 lb for a single PR two weeks ago.

Check out his massive triple below,


What is arguably most impressive about the set above is Orhii’s speed and how light he made the weight look, as evident by his smile after the second rep.

Over the last few weeks, Orhii has be cruising through his training and hitting handfuls of volume PRs across the board for the big three. For example, the PR triple above came just a few days after he squatted 288kg/634.9 lbs for a four rep PR.

Then, a week ago Orhipulled 294.5kg/649.26 lbs for a set of five which was a new deadlift PR, check it below.


And then just a week prior to that, Orhii pressed 204kg for a new bench press PR. So, in the past two weeks alone, Orhii has hit personal records across the board.

USAPL Raw Nationals is Orhii’s next big powerlifting meet set for this fall, and we’re excited to see what kind of weight he moves. Orhii competed at Raw Nationals last year and finished in first place in his class. Here, he squatted 301.0kg/663.6 lb, bench pressed 189.96kg/418 lbs, deadlifted 309.98kg/683.4 lbs for a 800.9kg/1765.9 lbs total.

Across all fully tested powerlifting federations, Orhii sits at the top of the -83kg weight class with his 313kg world record squat from this year’s IPF Worlds. We’re about halfway through August, and in the next month or so we expect only bigger numbers and PRs from Orhii ahead of Raw Nationals.

Featured image from @russwole Instagram page.