181lb Russian Powerlifter Aleksey Nikulin Records A Big 1,835lb Total

Aleksey Nikulin, 34 years old, has been deemed as a powerlifting phenom for the last few years. He constantly makes waves and sets new records for the 82kg (181 lb) weight class.

Earlier in December of 2016 he recorded a HUGE total of 832.5kg (1,835 lbs) at the World Cup held by GPA/IPO (Global Powerlifting Alliance/International Powerlifting Organization). That total amount is 10.2 times his bodyweight.

Nikulin shared the compilation video December 28th on his YouTube page. Below highlights his three squat attempts. He crushes 330kg (726 lbs) like it’s nothing, but misses 345kg twice, which would have been a record.

His bench press attempts were 170kg (374 lb), 177.5kg (390.5 lb), and 182.5kg (401.5 lb). His first two lifts were successful, and he missed the final attempt at 182.5kg.

Earlier in June, Nikulin recorded the same 177.5kg bench press at the IPL Cup in Russia.

Nikulin completes three of four successful deadlift attempts. They were 300kg, 315kg, 325kg, and 330kg (missed). The first three pulls looked smooth and 330kg would have been a new recorded high for Nikulin.

He barely missed 330kg due to grip. Hopefully we’ll see the 330kg pull sometime soon in 2017.

At the World Cup Nikulin was lifting alongside some of the of the strongest lifters in the world including Yurk Belkin. Here Belkin hit another personal deadlift high for a third time this year in an official exhibition.

Belkin hit a 450kg (992 lb) deadlift in a single-ply deadlift suite with straps and a belt.

A video posted by Yury Belkin (@belkin_one_power) on

Currently, Nikulin holds two raw world records, and they’re for the squat both with and without wraps.

His records stands at 791 lbs, which he recorded this past June at IPL Cup in Russia.

2016 was a great year for Russian powerlifters putting up big numbers. In November, Kirill Sarychev recorded a world record raw amount of 2,386.5 lbs, which is larger than what Ray Williams had previously set.

It’s going to be exciting to see who’s breaking records and pushing the envelope throughout 2017. Will Nikulin finally take the raw world record for total?