Samantha Rice (90 KG) Breaks All-Time World Record with 275 Kilogram (606.3 Pound) Raw Deadlift

Rice took the total record as well at the 2022 USPA Raw Pro.

90-kilogram powerlifter Samantha Rice made the platform of the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Raw Pro her record-breaking playground. On Sept. 24, 2022, Rice competed in the big meet in North Kansas City, MO, and after breaking the all-time raw squat world record in the 90-kilogram class, she claimed the deadlift and total records for her own as well. The new mark is 275 kilograms (606.3 pounds), and it can be seen in the video below, courtesy of the Strong Barbell Club YouTube channel:

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Rice weighed in at 85.7 kilograms (188.9 pounds). After taking the opening attempt of 252.5 kilograms (556 pounds) for a ride with a sumo stance, she approached the Kabuki strength barbell and pulled the record-setting weight as if it was a speed rep. It was met with three white lights instantly. That extended her previous record by 1.5 kilograms. Rice took 282.5 kilograms (622.9 pounds) for her third attempt, and she actually locked it out, but the weight went down too quickly, so the judges red-lighted the attempt. Nonetheless, the crowd at Strong Barbell Gym gave her an ovation for her efforts.

That second deadlift not only gave Rice the new deadlift record. It also broke the all-time world record for the 90-kilogram raw total with 687.5 kilograms. Her numbers for the day are below:

2022 USPA Raw Pro — Samantha Rice | 90KG

  • Squat – 257.5 kilograms (567.2 pounds)
  • Bench Press – 155 kilograms (341 pounds)
  • Deadlift – 275 kilograms (606.7 pounds)
  • Total – 687.5 kilograms (1,515.9 pounds)

Rice already had the previous record for the total, with a mark of 680.8 kilograms (1,501.3 pounds). She set that mark at the 2022 USPA Hybrid Showdown 4 meet. Rice made a big statement at this meet. As of this article’s publication, there is no word on when her next meet will be.


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Aside from Rice’s incredible performance, Joe Sullivan broke his all-time world record in the 100-kilogram raw squat, and John Haack padded onto his record in the bench, becoming the first man to break the elusive 600-pound barrier in the 100-kilogram class. Fans interested in watching the replay of the meet can find it on the Strong Barbell Club YouTube channel.

Featured Image: @quadslikemom on Instagram