SouthFit and Pandlaland CrossFit Challenge Sanctionals Recap

Two recaps just ahead of the next Sanctionals competition!

We are officially three CrossFit Sanctionals competitions into the 2020 CrossFit Games seasons and we’re only getting started. This weekend, you can look forward to tuning in to yet another competition — the Dubai CrossFit Championship.

However, before we give all our attention to the Dubai CrossFit Championship, let’s do a quick recap of the SouthFit and Pandaland CrossFit Challenges. 

SouthFit CrossFit Challenge Recap

The SouthFit CrossFit took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina and brought out some big named athletes from across the globe, and more specifically top competitors from Latin America. 

Top 3 Elite Women

On the women’s side of the competition, it was a pretty tight match up across the board, but it was CrossFit Games veterans Bethany Shadburne and Madeline Sturt who stole the show.

Both Shadburne and Sturt duked it out for first and second place the whole weekend, and they both finished in the top four in every event sans the 1-RM snatch event where they finished in 10th and 17th, respectively. 

  1. Bethany Shadburne
  2. Madeline Sturt 
  3. Andrea Solberg (who’s already earned an invite from the CrossFit Filthy 150!)

Top 3 Elite Men

Over on the elite men’s side of the competition, it was tight, but there was a lot more discrepancy in event finishes. Peter Shaw, Jay Crouch, and Gonzalo Hard were all 25 points away from one another by the end of the weekend. 

  1. Peter Shaw
  2. Jay Crouch
  3. Gonzalo Hard

Top 3 Teams

  1. Team Odd Squad
  2. Team Invictus 
  3. Q21

Pandaland CrossFit Challenge

While the athletes above were hard at work in Argentina fighting for their spot to the 2020 CrossFit Games, there were handfuls of elite athletes also throwing down at the Shuangliu Sports Center in Chengdu, China for the Pandaland CrossFit Challenge. 

The Pandaland CrossFit Challenge was a highly anticipated event, as it was the first confirmed Sanctionals competition for the 2020 season, and boy, did it bring the heat. 

Top 3 Elite Women

The women’s competition was fierce, but it was Harriet Roberts who dominated the competition floor. Roberts took first in every event sans the first event where she came in second, and proved to be an individual athlete to be on the lookout for in 2020.

  1. Harriet Roberts
  2. Elena Sanahuija
  3. Marnie Skyes

Top 3 Elite Men

The men’s competition was an absolute shootout to the finish with Games veterans Khan Porter and Jacob Heppner going head-to-head. However, it was Porter who edged out Heppner in event picking up a big second place finish over Heppner’s 9th place in event four. 

  1. Khan Porter
  2. Jacob Heppner
  3. Adam Davidson

Top 3 Teams

  1. Team Butcher’s Lab
  2. The Athlete Program
  3. CrossFit Tirus

SouthFit and Pandaland CrossFit Challenge FAQs

Who won the SouthFit CrossFit Challenge?

The winners of the SouthFit CrossFit Challenge are as follow:

  • Women’s Winner: Bethany Shadburne
  • Men’s Winner: Peter Shaw
  • Team Winner: Team Odd Squad

Who won the Pandaland CrossFit Challenge

The winners of the Pandaland CrossFit Challenge are as follow:

  • Women’s Winner: Harriet Roberts
  • Men’s Winner: Khan Porter
  • Team Winner: Team Butcher’s Lab

Feature image from @pandalandcrossfitchallenge Instagram page.