Stefi Cohen Deadlifts 501 lbs At 121 lbs (4.14x Bodyweight)

We’ve written about Stefi Cohen a lot in the last couple months, but for good reason. She’s been absolutely crushing weight, and continues to do so. Less than a month ago in late August, Cohen cruised past the current 123 lb all-time women’s deadlift world record with her beastly 485 lb pull (4x bodyweight).

Yet 485 lbs and a world record wasn’t enough for Cohen, she wanted more, as she stated in an interview with us. After her world record Cohen told us,


And without further ado, about three weeks after saying so, Cohen has made that happen. Check out her latest 501 lb (227kg) deadlift (with straps) below.

In addition to her quote above, Cohen told us, “Also, pretty sure that’s the first time a woman’s ever done a deadlifts 4x bodyweight (raw). We fact checked with Powerlifting Watch, and we’re 98% certain.” 

Yes, she pulled this in training and with straps (which doesn’t make it fully raw), but it doesn’t dilute the fact that she’s proving it’s possible she can handle this amount of weight. She’s also proving that she has the capability to push women’s powerlifting and the sport even further with her ridiculous strength.

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We mentioned her all-time 485 lb world record above, but we felt it was definitely worth embedding the video for another watch. Check out her world record from the Boss of Bosses IV meet.

So now the question remains, when will Cohen pull 500 lbs, or more, in competition. Well, we may have the answer for you. After her world record, we interviewed Cohen to get a better idea about her career and training style. Our last question prodded at what we can expect from her in the future, and we got the answer you’re probably wondering.

BarBend: Awesome, good luck with the rest of your studies. Is there anything else you’d like to tell our audience?

Cohen: My next meet will be the Reebok Record Breakers in November — and I’m planning on making a 500-pound deadlift.

Will we see Cohen pull 500 lbs this November in competition? Only time will tell, but judging from her latest training videos, we’re very optimistic she’ll do so.

Feature image from @steficohen Instagram page.