Watch Strongman Nick Hadge Pull a 905-Pound Deadlift Without a Suit

Hadge broke through the 900-pound milestone without a lifting suit.

Nick Hadge took a big leap in his strongman career. On June 13, 2021, he deadlifted 410.5 kilograms (905 pounds) without a lifting suit or knee sleeves. In addition to surpassing the 900-pound milestone, this lift was a lifetime personal record for Hadge.

If you have not yet witnessed Hadge’s deadlift, check out the video below, posted to the Instagram page he shares with his brother Zach, who is also a professional strongman. Nick assumes a conventional stance in the video, wearing socks, a lifting belt, and lifting straps.


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In the caption of his post, Hadge labeled that particular training session as an “indicator day” to see where his body was at following a gnarly accident three and a half weeks prior where he fell off his longboard. If you scroll to the left in the above post, you can see a photo of the significant abrasions Hadge suffered to his right shoulder, elbow, and forearm.

Any lingering pain or discomfort did not seem to disrupt his deadlift PR, though. He pulled the barbell cleanly over his knees before hitching a few times on the way to the lockout. This would count as a clean lift in strongman competition, where hitching during a deadlift is legal. This is not, however, the first time Nick has ever pulled 900 pounds. In August 2018, he strapped into a barbell loaded with 900 pounds exactly and pulled it for a single rep.

The day after his epic 905-pound PR, Nick’s brother Zack set a deadlift record of his own: 765 pounds for four reps. You can also check that video out below:


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Born in 1994, the 295-pound Nick Hadge made his mark as a major player in strongman with his win at the 2016 Ultimate Strongman Under 23 (U23) World Championship held in Canada. Notable highlights from his performance include a 360-kilogram (793.7-pound) deadlift and a car hold sustained for 1:23.24. In 2018, he earned a fourth-place finish alongside his brother in the team competition at the World Strongman Championship. In 2016, he also set a junior strongman deadlift record with an 815-pound pull (according to the caption of his Instagram post). 

Not even an accident can slow down Nick Hadge’s progress. Whenever he does choose to compete next, one thing is clear: He’s a force to be reckoned with. 

Editor’s Note: BarBend has reached out to Nick for more details on the lift and when he plans to compete next. This article will be updated with his response. 

Featured image: @hadge_brothers on Instagram