Strongman Rob Kearney Performs First CrossFit WOD In a Decade

The American log lift record holder is working on his conditioning.

Strongman Rob Kearney recently set a new American log lift record of 215.8kg/475.75lb on World’s Ultimate Strongman’s “Feats of Strength” series. His training in the gym since has involved what one might expect from an elite strongman, such as heavy dumbbell presses. In addition, however, he has also incorporated CrossFit.

The 2019 Arnold Australia Strongman champion took to his YouTube channel to share his first CrossFit WOD (workout of the day) “in a decade” while weighing 300lb. The warm-up included double-unders and the use of a rowing machine — two pieces of equipment not normally seen in the world of strongman.

Check out Kearney’s full workout that took place at CrossFit Lunacy in Hampden, Massachusetts below:

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The WOD that Kearney opted to do was a partner workout, which means that the reps would be divided between him and his husband, Joey. The workout consisted of a 50-40-30-20-10 rep scheme for a full duration of 24 minutes of the following exercises: 

If all reps in the scheme were completed before time is up, athletes restarted the rep scheme from the top.

A little conditioning never hurt. It’ll be good to see how out of shape I am.

Kearney’s first attempts on the double-unders were fairly smooth considering he weighed 300lb at the time of the workout. 

I can deadlift 900lb no problem. Put me on a rower for 15 minutes and I want to die.


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Kearney admitted that he had already sweat through his shirt after the warm-up. Despite the size difference between him and the other athletes participating in the workout, he held the pace taking advantage of the rest allotted via partner workouts and swapping the V-ups for flutter kicks. The World’s Strongest Man (WSM) competitor took the brunt of the reps on the kettle swings (which had to swing overhead).

Upon completing the WOD, Kearney laid on the floor breathing heavy and absolutely drenched in sweat. 

It was fun, I will say that. For those that don’t know, I started my strongman career in a CrossFit gym.

Strongman Meets CrossFit

Kearney is not the first strongman to crossover into the world of CrossFit training. 2017 World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall has likewise ventured into the space, going so far as to set a world record for “Isabel” — a workout that involves male athletes to perform 30 clean and jerks with 61kg/135lb in the fastest time possible. Hall did it in an official 50.9 seconds.

Check it out from his YouTube channel below:

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It may fly under the radar, but many strongman events have heavy cardio components. Medleys, carries, yoke walks, and events that involve reps for time in strongman competition put cardio to the test. WSM mainstay Robert Oberst said as much in an interview with BarBend when he mentioned that powerlifting competitions are more about maximal strength than strongman competitions.

Hopefully for Kearney, this extra work in a CrossFit gym will pay off come time for his next in-person strongman contest.

Feature image from Rob Kearney’s Instagram page: @worlds_strongest_gay