Eddie Hall Wants to Set World Record for the CrossFit Workout “Grace”

The strongman is giving CrossFit a try.

2017 World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall already has a few world records to his credit, most notably being the first man to perform the strongman version of the deadlift with 500 kg (1,102 pounds). Now he has his eyes set on setting another world record but this one is a CrossFit version. He wants to complete the workout “Grace” in the fastest time ever.

“Grace” is a popular CrossFit benchmark workout that calls for the male athlete to perform 30 clean and jerks with 135 pounds in the fastest time possible. Women that do the workout would use 95 pounds. It’s a popular workout that athletes do to test endurance and speed. It’s especially popular as a fundraiser for breast cancer research organizations.

In a video that he posted on Instagram, Hall is seen performing clean and jerks with 135 pounds (61 kg) for 16 reps before someone off screen calls “time”. It appears that Hall is attempting to work his way up to certain rep numbers in a time frame before he tries to get all 30 unbroken. He makes his goal public by sharing the details in the caption of the video.

“Training for a CrossFit world record GRACE… I’ll be attempting it at the CrossFit European championships in Colchester on the 23rd Feb.”

The event Hall is referencing, The European Championships 2020, will be held February 22-23 at the Five Lakes Arena in Colchester, England. If Hall is going to attempt to achieve this record, that gives him around a week from the time of the post to make it happen. He hasn’t stated how long he’s been in pursuit of this milestone. The organizers of this event have not made any comments about Hall’s attempt as of this writing.

Hall has set a few different world records for strength in his career, including for the log press which is a version of the clean and jerk. That record is now owned by Zadrunas Savickas. This one is about endurance and speed which are not considered strong suits for strongmen. Dan Bloch once performed Grace in 59 seconds. In 2018, Laurence Shahlaei posted a video on YouTube of himself doing it in 55 seconds. As far as official record marks are concerned, there hasn’t been one recognized by the CrossFit organization nor by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Featured Video: Instagram/eddiehallwsm