Tempo, A New Home Gym, Is Aiming to Replace Trainers and Coaches

This home gym provides real-time AI feedback for free weight workouts!

Fitness and tech continue to collide and evolve. Tempo is the latest tech and artificial intelligence (AI) based home gym that plans to disrupt the fitness industry.

Standing at roughly six-feet tall, Tempo’s piece of equipment and service plans to use AI to help coach a client’s form by analyzing movement roughly 30-times person second. This could be huge for those that want free weight workouts at home without the hassle of trekking to the gym and finding a trainer, but can this really replace the form feedback you’d get in-person with a trainer?

One way Tempo aims to be different from others on the market like Tonal and MIRROR — and a big reason why we find it interesting — is that it uses free weight and real-time feedback to correct form. Often times, AI and connected fitness home gyms are limited by the equipment that are only compatible with them, but what if your equipment was only limited by how much you could lift? Now, that’s an interesting thought, especially for serious fitness enthusiasts.


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What Is the Tempo Home Gym?

One of the main premises behind Tempo is that they want to democratize trainers, as not everyone can afford multiple sessions a week with a trainer on top of their gym membership. As of right now, Tempo plans to offer a means to workout in real-time with trainers in a “class” setting or to simply work out on your own.

Another difference behind Tempo’s real-time workouts compared to others, from what we can tell, is that their clients’ results and form feedback can be seen by the trainer that leads the class. This is an interesting concept when you take into account how proper movement patterns are a must for free weight workouts and this could deliver feedback without physically being present with a trainer, but how accurate will and could it be?

As of right now, it appears the Tempo comes with a set of smaller barbell and dumbbells, so we’re curious what will happen when clients need to increase and weight and how feasible this will be a in home setting. 

The Tempo is set to retail around $1,995 USD and requires a $39 USD monthly content subscription. The question that comes to our mind is, does this offset the cost of in-person training sessions and is it worth it?

Tempo FAQs

How much does Tempo cost?

Tempo costs $1995.00 USD and has a monthly subscription cost of $39.00 USD for content. They do offer financing options.

When will Tempo be available?

As of right now, Tempo’s website states they will be shipping product in the summer of 2020. The website is reserving spots for product at the moment.

What is Tempo?

Tempo is an AI home-gym that provides real-time form feedback for a plethora of free weight movements. They offers classes and workouts you can perform under your own power and analyze form by scanning the body roughly 30 times a second.

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