Tia-Clair Toomey Breaks Chin-Up World Record On Live TV

The 2017 Reebok CrossFit® Games champion Tia-Clair Toomey is adding another accolade to her impressive list of fitness accomplishments. She recently topped the Guinness World Record for the most chin-ups by a female performed in one minute. Toomey topped the previous record by one chin-up, which was set at 30.

On September 1st, Toomey joined the Australian comedy sport panel Sideliners to talk about her 2017 Games first place finish, and to attempt the chin-up world record on live television. To make it official, two representatives from Guinness World Records were in attendance to validate the record.

Check out Toomey’s epic 31 chin-up record below.

It almost looked as though Toomey wasn’t going to make it, but in the final two seconds she was able to hoist her chin over the bar. And to top off Toomey’s epic display of strength, these chin-ups were all performed strict with full arm extension at the bottom.

Yesterday, Toomey formally announced her accomplishment on her Instagram page writing, “NEW WORLD RECORD lots of fun on ABC Sideliners last Friday night got a new @guinnessworldrecords —–Max Pull-Ups in a Min, the record was 30 & I got 31!!”


A trip to the 2016 Rio Olympics, a 2017 CrossFit Games win, and now a world record. It’s safe to say the past couple years have been pretty great for this 2017 CrossFit Games champ. She’ll now be added to the list of Australian CrossFit athletes who hold official Guinness World Records.

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Back in February 2017, Reebok went on a world record breaking tour and invited out multiple CrossFit athletes to partake. One of the most impressive records came from Toomey’s runner-up at the 2017 Games, Kara Webb.

Webb attempted to break the most pistol squats performed in one minute. How did she do? Check it out below.

Webb was able to crush the previously set record of 20 with her 42 consecutive pistol squats. There’s no denying that CrossFit athletes have an amazing workload capacity.

Toomey’s record will be added to the many that elite CrossFit athletes have accomplished.

Feature image screenshot from The WOD Life Facebook page.