Watch Kara Webb Pistol Squat 42 Reps For a World Record

Reebok is on a mission to break multiple Guinness World Records with some of their top athletes. Their mission is part of an activation movement that they plan to role out in four cities including: Sydney, London, New York City, and Los Angeles.

The movement will last a total of 48 hours and is designed to have Reebok athletes break as many World Records as possible (in one of the shared videos it’s stated that the goal is 62).

Yesterday the activation started in Sydney, Australia, where seven Reebok-sponsored CrossFit® Australia athletes broke a total of nine Guinness World Records. The seven athletes in attendance were: Kara Webb, Rob Forte, Ricky Garard, Benny Garard, Marcus Bondi, Madeline Sturt, and Sammy Wood.

Every live recording wasn’t shared on Reebok’s Facebook page, but we have the three clips that made the cut. The first video shared below features the male and female – now pistol squat Guinness World Record holders – Kara Webb and Benny Garard.

Webb smashed the current women’s record of 20 in 60 seconds with 42 successful squats. Benny Garard broke the men’s record with 49 squats, which was previously 35.

The second video Reebok streamed was the 60 second toes to bar record. Five athletes attempted this world record, but only four beat it. Rob Forte and Sammy Wood out repped the original toes to bar record, but got nudged out by Ricky Garard and Madeline Sturt.

Garard took the men’s record with 46 and Sturt claimed the women’s record with 41.

The final streamed record attempt was an AMRAP weighted chin-ups with 100 lbs. Qualifications for this record included, arms having to be fully extended, chin coming above the bar, and weight (100 lbs) in the form of a backpack.

Marcus Bondi took this record with a total of 12-strict chin-ups in 60 seconds.

Another record that was shared on Instagram was the male and female 60-second unbroken tandem pushups. Benny and Ricky Garard sealed the record for the men with 28 successful pushups (the previous record was 27).

There isn’t any word on how many the women completed just yet for the world record.

A video posted by Ricky Garard (@rickygarard) on

We’re still waiting like everyone else on more videos to surface, but with three more cities in Reebok’s activation, we’re confident more will be surfacing soon.

Hats off to Reebok for introducing such a creative way to bring world class athletes together to crush world records.

Feature image from @marcusbondibeach Instagram page.