Strongman Tom Stoltman Two-Hand Dunks a Basketball At 380 Pounds Bodyweight

The strongman can jump.

Last weekend, Tom Stoltman was hoping to have fans of strongman talking because of his attempt to lift a 300 kg (660 pound) Atlas stone. He ultimately declined the attempt due to risk of injury. However, he found another way to impress fans and get them talking.

In a recent YouTube video on the Stoltman Brothers YouTube channel, the younger Stoltman showed off some impressive athleticism by dunking a basketball on a regulation rim on an outdoor court. The first dunk can be seen at 3:42 in the video below.

Prior to Tom’s dunks, Luke Stoltman showed that he could reach the rim, too. Luke stands six feet, three inches tall and weighs well over 300 pounds himself. He’s also nine years older than Tom.

What makes Tom’s dunk even more impressive is that he does it with two hands, which requires more effort than if he were to reach up with only one arm. Tom stands six feet, eight inches tall, and he reported that he weighed 380 pounds (172.3 kg). To be able to jump that high with the ease that he did is a testament to how impressive of an overall athlete that the 26 year old is.

The video continues to show Tom attempting other dunks including alley oops and other tricks. He appeared to be out of breath by the time he finished. He even said it was “hard work” to try to dunk as many times as he did.

Afterwards, Tom showed that he had a shooting touch as well. The Stoltmans faced their friends, the Mulligan brothers, in a three-point shooting contest. Tom and Luke won by a score of 3 to 2. Tom hit all three shots for his team.

Unfortunately for the Stoltman’s, playing the actual game didn’t turn out as well as the individual skills. They played a two-on-two game against the Mulligan’s and lost 10-3.

Tom and Luke Stoltman’s World’s Strongest Man Prep

There was some training footage in their latest episode. Both brothers are preparing for the 2020 World’s Strongest Man, which is currently scheduled to take place this coming November.

The highlight of their training footage was their work with squats. The variation they did included using an axle bar and boxes being stacked to their sides. They would squat down until the weights touched the boxes. This is similar to the way the squat is performed in many of the WSM competitions to determine that the athlete lowered himself down to proper depth.

Both men squatted 661 pounds (300 kg) for a top set of 10 reps each. The video concludes with recovery efforts and extra commentary.

Featured Image: Instagram/tomstoltmanofficial