Actor Will Smith Plans to Get “Into the Best Shape Of My Life”

The actor is teaming up with YouTube to document his fitness journey in a new series called, "Best Shape of My Life."

Actor and YouTube sensation Will Smith loves his body, and he plans to show it some love by getting into the best shape of his life. On May 4, 2021, Smith posted a GIF of himself on Instagram sporting boxer briefs set to “Don’t Cha” by The Pussycat Dolls. He announced a partnership with YouTube, and CNN reported the launch of a new YouTube series featuring Smith called “Best Shape of My Life.” 

“This is the body that carried me through an entire pandemic and countless days grazing thru the pantry,” Smith wrote on Instagram. “I love this body, but I wanna feel better. No more midnight muffins…this is it! Imma get in the best shape of my life! Teaming up with YouTube to get my health & wellness back on track. Hope it works!”


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Of course, Smith isn’t a total fish out of water when it comes to getting into shape. In the 2004 thriller I, Robot, Smith played a detective who hated technology but apparently loved hitting the weights. He got pretty big and sported a full chest, rounded delts, and defined arms. In I Am Legend, Smith morphed into what may be his leanest on-screen shape. This is obvious when he’s pumping out reps of pull-ups from a ceiling-mounted pull-up bar and running shirtless on a treadmill with a visible six-pack. Smith also got into fighting shape to portray Muhammed Ali, a gritty detective in the Bad Boys series, and morally questionable superhero in Hancock. He has been nominated for two academy awards (Ali, The Pursuit of Happyness).

Over the last few years, Smith has built up quite the following on YouTube. At the time this article was written, Smith has published 120 videos and accrued 9.3 million subscribers. In 2018, Smith teamed up with YouTube to produce Will Smith: The Jump, which saw the actor bungee jump out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon to celebrate turning 50 years old. It has accumulated over 20 million views. It’s clear Smith (now 52) is good for YouTube and YouTube is good for Smith, so this new series is a natural progression for the two media giants. 


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Minimal details have been released on the new series. According to CNN, Best Shape of My Life will be a six-part series focused on Smith improving his agility, power, and muscle recovery. The series is set to launch sometime in 2022 and will feature guest appearances from pro athletes, scientists, YouTube creators, and fitness experts. Shortly after Smith posted both of his shirtless photos, fans sent him photos of their own to presumably show their support and join him in his fitness journey. Smith posted a few fan photos to his account along with a caption that read: “Let’s go get it! After pics are due in 12 weeks! #bigwilliechallenge.”

Featured image: @willsmith on Instagram