Flashback to Lacee Kovács’ Insane One Thousand Muscle-Up Challenge

Functional fitness athletes like to break records most people hadn’t even thought of.

A couple of weeks ago, the 2011 and 2012 winner of the Reebok CrossFit® Games Annie Thorisdottir broke the world record for the most amount of barbell thrusters completed in one minute.

In February, 2017’s second Fittest Woman on Earth™ Kara Webb broke the Guinness World Record in pistol squats with forty-two in a minute.

And in August, the 59-year-old Dave Barry performed the grueling “Murph” workout for twenty-four hours straight. That one wasn’t an official Guinness World Record, but we have a feeling no one has ever matched it.

Then there’s Lacee Kovács. The Hungarian CrossFit Games competitor has been making the rounds this week after a 2012 video surfaced of him completing one thousand ring muscle-ups in eight hours and forty-one minutes at the Beast & Barbells Gym in Cegléd, Hungary.

Take a look at the surprisingly well-produced video below, in which he breaks up his thousand-rep set into reps of two to five.

OK, so we don’t have every single muscle-up on camera in one take, so we can’t be completely, one hundred percent positive that this happened.

But Kovács isn’t a no-name gymrat. He routinely competes in the European Regionals — he was once the Europe Regional Champion — and went to the Reebok CrossFit Games in 2013. He’s one of the sport’s most prominent evangelists in his home country and he regularly travels Europe to deliver training seminars.

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Besides, he’s a pretty impressive specimen. Check out his twenty-rep set of back squats at 330 pounds (150kg) below:

One thousand muscle-ups was a pretty insane feat, but it’s just one of the most memorable sets we’ve ever seen. Take a look at our round-up of the most insane muscle-ups on the internet — which includes a one-armed muscle-up to handstand — for some serious muscle-up madness.

Featured image via Kovács Lacee on YouTube.