Annie Thorisdottir Breaks One-Minute Barbell Thruster World Record

Eight-time CrossFit® Games veteran Annie Thorisdottir made an appearance on NBC’s Today Show on September 4th, 2017. She joined the show’s hosts in New York City’s iconic Rockefeller plaza to attempt the Guinness World Record for the most weight lifted in a one-minute barbell thruster.

For this record, the goal is to complete as many barbell thrusters within one minute to lift the max accumulated weight possible. Apparently, the previous was record was a mere 1,212 lbs, which equated to about 15 thrusters with 85 lbs on the bar.

So was Thorisdottir able to complete more than 15 barbell thrusts in a minute? Check it out below.

To no surprise, if you guessed that Thorisdottir was able to hit more than 15, then you’re absolutely right. She blew the record away with 36 thrusters in a minute, which earned her a total accumulated weight of 2,805 lbs.

When it comes to world records, Thorisdottir is no rookie. Back in February 2017, she set two other records when Reebok held their global world record breaking campaign. Her other records include:

  • Most weight lifted in one minute barbell snatch.
  • Most weight lifted in one minute barbell clean & jerk.

This third world record will be added to Thorisdottir’s impressive resume of athletic feats. She’s won the Reebok CrossFit Games twice (2011 & 2012), competed 8-times (finishing third in 2017), is a competitive weightlifter athlete, and now holds multiple world records.

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Thorisdottir’s new record is the second Guinness World Record to be broken by a CrossFit athlete in the last few days. 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games champion Tia-Clair Toomey recently broke the max chin-ups in a minute record on live TV.

Toomey performed this feat on Sideliners, which is an Australian comedy sport talk show. She finished with 31 chin-ups, which barely edged out the previous record of 30.

Now we have to wonder, do CrossFit athletes cumulatively hold more Guinness World Records than any other form of strength athlete?

Feature image screenshot from News TV YouTube channel.