Full #TrashtalkThursday Series Ft: Brent Fikowski, Jason Carrol, Pat Vellner, Lukas Esslinger, Travis Williams

This was a seriously a hilarious string of Open Workout humiliation challenges.

Welp, the second CrossFit Open for this year has come and gone, and with it so has #TrashtalkThursdays. If you’re a fan of Brent Fikowski, Patrick Vellner, Jason Carrol, Lukas Esslinger, or Travis Williams, then there’s a good chance you follow their #TrashtalkThursday humiliation posts throughout the Open. 

If you don’t or you haven’t seen their normal Open escapades, then boy are you in for a treat. Over the last few years, Fikowski and his friends have partaken in a hilarious competition that entails creating humiliating challenges for losers of every individual Open workouts. This year, the five athletes created five more fun challenges and it’s possibly been the most creative yet. 

Before we dive into what each #TrashtalkThursday entailed, let’s take a look at how the five athletes performed for the 2020 CrossFit Open.

Note, these scores are still unofficial!

  • Brent Fikowski: 34th overall
  • Patrick Vellner: 1st overall
  • Lukas Esslinger: 72nd overall
  • Travis William: 73rd overall
  • Jason Carrol: 62nd overall

Open Workout 20.1 Challenge — Blindfolded Sandwich

For the first challenge, Fikowski lost and had to eat a sandwich consisting of gummy worms, sardines, sauerkraut, and limburger cheese…blindfolded. Yeah, needless to say, this is definitely one of the grossest challenges within this list. 

Fikowski’s 20.1 Placing: 144th 

Open Workout 20.2 Challenge – “The Sweeney”

In the second Open workout challenge, the loser had to do “The Sweeney”. This challenge is named after CrossFit Games athlete Sean Sweeney and entails the loser handing out autographed photos of themselves in a public setting. 

Williams’ 20.2 Placing: 664th

Open Workout 20.3 Challenge — Fan? 

For Open workout 20.3, the loser had to sit in a front of a fan with whitey tighties on, while things were put into the wind current and blown onto them. Yeah, this one was interesting — and Williams lost this challenge to go down two in a row. 

Williams’ 20.3 Placing: 90th

Open Workout 20.4 Challenge — Mr. Rogers Reads a Poem

The Open workout 20.4 challenge entailed the loser reading a poem written by the other guys with a mouthful of taffy and dressed as Mr. Rogers. Jason Carrol lost this challenge. 

Carrol’s 20.4 Placing: 303rd

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#OpenHumiliation #TomHanks #MrRogers #igtvchannel – What you all have been waiting for 😭 paying my dues… i was the least fit by a lot for #20point4😢😢 My punishment is reading a poem to you with a mouthful of taffy, written by my stronger and more handsome friends.👎🏽 *bonus points if you can find the multiple Tom Hanks references. @fikowski @pvellner @esslingerlukas @travismfwilliams – Like a little white ball drifting out to sea My time is up, open humiliation has come for me For 3 straight Opens, I WOD'd alone in a gym But when the bright lights were on, my performance was dim – I kept hearing 'lift Forrest Lift' but I'm not that strong I was told "there's no crying in CrossFit" but i guess they were wrong – Why can't I be like Vellner, this year he's 4 & 0 Or maybe Brent, he can reach any shelf, no tippy-toes How I'd long to be like Esslinger, fittest of the Swiss Or Travis Williams, so sexy, so thicc – Anyway, I guess life is like a box of chocolates My name is Jason Carroll, I suck • • • • • • @talkingelitefitness @morningchalkup @thebarbellspin @tomhanks #crossfit #crossfitgames #poem #itsabeautifuldayintheneighborhood #nanos #puppy #punished #Canada #Swiss #USA

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Open Workout 20.5 Challenge — Belly Flop

The final challenge for the 2020 CrossFit Open entailed the loser belly flopping and sharing it publicly. In Williams’ case, this meant belly flopping into a cold lake from an eight foot tall dock. 

Williams’ 20.5 Placing: 33rd

Final Losing Tally Count

  • Brent Fikowski: 1
  • Patrick Vellner: 0
  • Lukas Esslinger: 0
  • Travis William: 3
  • Jason Carrol: 2

As the Open concludes and we head straight into Sanctionals season, we’re excited to keep an eye on all five of these elite athletes!

Feature image from @fikowski, @travismfwilliams, and @jasoncarrol89 Instagram pages.