Watch Brent Fikowski Eat A Disgusting Sandwich In The 20.1 ‘Open Humiliation’ Challenge

CrossFit Games athlete Brent Fikowski puts his own spin on the CrossFit Open 20.1 workout.

While athletes all over the world were busy taking on grueling CrossFit Open Workout 20.1, four-time CrossFit Games athlete Brent Fikowski and friend decided to give the workout their own spin. 

Fikowski completed Open Workout 20.1, but after having a tough go at it, was forced to bless the Instagram world with a hilarious video of him doing what has famously become known as the “20.1 Open Humiliation Challenge.” 

The 20.1 Open Humiliation Challenge

This year, Fikowski, Pat Vellner, Jason Carroll, Lukas Esslinger, and Travis Williams have all taken it upon themselves to add punishments for one another after each Open workout. Basically, if you get the lowest score, then you get punished.

And because Fikowski got the worst score in Open Workout 20.1, his punishment was to eat a sandwich...that his friends created.

In the punishment sandwich there were a lot of ingredients that let’s just say…don’t go well together including:

  • Gummy worms
  • Sardines
  • Sauerkraut
  • Limburger cheese

Scrumptious, right? To make it even worse, Fikowski was blind folded for the challenge which added to the humor. “It’s not awful? But it’s not good,” he said after the first couple of bites in the video.

Not to spoil the fun, but Fikowski doesn’t actually end up eating the entire sandwich! If we had to guess, it was probably the sardines mixed with gummy worms that did him in.

Check out the video on his Instagram below,

This isn’t the first time that Fikowski has done an Open Humiliation Challenge, in fact, he’s been engaging the CrossFit community with parody videos for quite some time now.

Back in 2017, Fikowski started doing trash talk themed posts alongside other CrossFit Games athletes like Pat Vellner and Sean Sweeney.

In 2017, CrossFit HQ shared a feature about this trash talk inspired spin-off challenge and interviewed Fikowski about it. 

“Competing at a high level … can be very stressful,” Fikowski told “And if you can reduce that fatigue mentally by just staying light and reducing stress, … then you’re gonna be able to handle that high load of responsibility.”

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So far, keeping it light appears to have worked wonder for Fikowski as he keeps progressing forward. He’s looking to qualify for his fifth Reebok CrossFit Games this season and has been focused on making improvements from his underwhelming performance at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games.

He teased out the video with the next “Open Humiliation Challenge” announcement coming this Thursday. We’re eager to see what the 20.2 Open Humiliation Challenge will bring. 

Feature image from @fikowski Instagram page.