Check Out Brian Shaw’s Road to the Arnold 2017 Video

The third athlete Rogue Fitness is highlighting in their “Road to the Arnold 2017” video series is no other than the World’s Strongest Man, Brian Shaw. This video continues to add to the hype Shaw is bringing to this year’s Arnold Classic.

We’re now less than a week and half away and Shaw has been nothing less than amazing in his peaking portion of his training. A few days ago Shaw deadlifted an unofficial long-bar (Elephant) bar world record with a 467kg (1,031 lb) pull. Before that, he shared a video highlighting a personal best log press with 211kg (465 lb).

The above video follows Shaw through his day to day and highlights some of his training. At 1:10 Shaw states, “For a top-level strongman the main contests you want to compete in are the Arnold and the World’s Strongest Man. Those are the top two events and they rival each other. If you can ideally win both of those in the same calendar year, then without a doubt you know you’re the world’s strongest man.” 

At the 2016 Arnold Classic, Shaw came in second behind Zydrunas Savickas (Big Z), but ended up winning the World’s Strongest Man later in the year. Could 2017 be the year Shaw wins both?

Shaw’s training appears to be going about as well as it could be, but one of his main Arnold Classic competitors Big Z is having quite the opposite experience. Big Z announced on February 19th that he had injured his deltoid performing a 710kg yoke carry and had to withdraw from the Classic.

This news about Big Z’s injury leaves a huge opening for Shaw and the other top strongman competitors in attendance, as Big Z is an 8-time Arnold Classic champion.

In the last two weeks Rogue Fitness has shared multiple videos in their “Road to the Arnold 2017” series. The first video featured fellow strongman competitor Hafthor Bjornsson and the second highlighted female powerlifter Jennifer Millican.

This year’s Arnold Classic is quickly approaching and the excitement continues to build. A big thank you Rogue Fitness for these epic videos hyping up the competition and highlighting sides of athletes we don’t normally see.

Feature image screenshot from Rogue Fitness YouTube channel.