Watch Strongman Brian Shaw Lose to His Wife in a Workout Challenge

See just how strong Shaw's wife is in this series of workout challenges!

Four-time World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw loves a good challenge. He’s always posting videos on his YouTube channel of crazy workouts (like this pull up challenge he did with a Navy SEAL), so it was only a matter of time that he brought his wife, Keri, in for a challenge series.

Keri is a self-proclaimed fitness lover and also regularly post videos of herself doing CrossFit® workouts. Brian Shaw just uploaded a video two competing head-to-head in a series of five fitness challenges, and the stakes were high: if she lost, Keri would have to try submerging herself in an ice bath, and if Brian won, he would have to get his eyebrows and nose waxed.

Here’s what the five-part workout challenge looked like:

Challenge 1: Circus Dumbbell Press for Reps (1 minute)

Brian started with 180 lbs, and Keri started with 60 lbs. Although Shaw’s dumbbell was three times as heavy as Keri’s, it’s worth noting that he is about three times heavier as well: he’s 420 pounds and she’s 130 pounds. It was a tight first race and around the nine rep mark, Brian started to pull ahead. He ended up winning with 11 reps versus Keri’s 10.

Challenge 2: Burpee Box Jumps for Reps (1 minute)

Keri called the shots for this workout, and Shaw looked a little on edge before the clock started. The challenged officially starts at around 2:25 minutes into the video as Brian points out, “I haven’t been doing burpees, but I have been working on my conditioning.” Keri was moving well, but Brian kept it a tight race. In the end, Keri edged her husband out just slightly getting 11 reps for the win Brian’s 10.

Challenge 3: Tank Push 

Niether Brian nor Keri had ever done the tank push before. This workout required using a weighted sled with wheels that can be adjusted to different gears. Keri had her sled on level 1 and Brian had his on level 3 — Keri finished with a time of 23.32, but Brian crushed this round winning with a time of 17.79.

At this point Brian had the lead at 2-1, and there were just two challenges remaining.

Challenge 4: Loading Race (1 minute)

Keri started this challenge with a 80 lb sandbag, and Brian had a 200 lb sandbag. For one minute, the couple piled the sandbag on top of the box and then dropped it down. Keri ended up winning with 11 to Brian’s 10. With two wins per competitor, it was all going to come down to the final challenge!

Challenge 5: Kettlebell Swings (first to 50)

Another test for speed! Keri had a 35 lb kettle bell and Brian had a 106 lb kettlebell. The two took off swinging, but it was Keri who edged out Brian at the very end to get to 50 swings first. It was clear she really wanted her husband to get his nose waxed.

Winner: Keri Shaw

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“I have to say I’m very impressed with your conditioning, so good job,” Keri told her husband at the 21-minute mark.

Brian has been on a weight loss journey since the end of the 2019 World’s Strongest Man competition, where he finished in sixth place overall. He set a goal to drop down to 400 lb, and posted a video about his journey on his YouTube channel at the end of August. He is currently weighing in at 420 lb.

We’re looking forward to more Shaw family challenges, and it’s clear that his wife is one of the driving factors behind Brian’s improved conditioning! In the meantime, maybe all the nose and eyebrow hair he’s about to lose will help move him toward his goal weight.

Featured image from Brian Shaw’s YouTube channel.