Women’s Showdown: Weightlifter, Powerlifter, Bodybuilder, and CrossFitter Face Off

Mattie Rogers, Dana Linn Bailey, Maddy Forberg, and Brooke Ence are facing off in Brute Strength's latest showdown!

Strength fans, we’ve been waiting a long time for this series premiere — and it’s finally here. Brute Strength has published the first video of their new series highlighting women strength athletes from a variety of strength sports facing off in a handful of events. The events are focused on testing each athlete’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall athletic abilities.

For context, Brute Strength published a series similar to this one last year in the spring with male athletes, and it was an absolute hit. This series featured a similar line-up of athletes including: Weightlifter: Luis Mosquera (2016 Rio Olympics 69kg bronze medalist), CrossFit Games Athlete: Jacob Heppner, Bodybuilder: Lawrence Balleneger, and Powerlifter: Steve Gentili.

Brute Strength’s latest series features four of the biggest names in strength sports and includes athletes from powerlifting, weightlifting, CrossFit, and bodybuilding. Check out the stacked athlete roster below!

  • Dana Linn Bailey — 2013 Ms. Olympia Champion
  • Brooke Ence — CrossFit Games Athlete
  • Mattie Rogers — Two-Time Weightlifting World Championships Medalist
  • Maddy Forberg — National Level Elite Powerlifter

In their first video, Brute Strength gives backgrounds on each athlete and interviews them individually. Athletes discuss their strengths, weaknesses, who they’re most worried about, and what events they are most looking forward to.

The series is set to feature eight events in total over a two day period. These eight events will include four strength related events with one event reflecting each athlete’s strength sport — max clean, max deadlift, physique, and a CrossFit workout — then four events that highlight each athlete’s overall athleticism. Host Adrian Conway didn’t specifically mention what they are, noting that,

“They’re going to be outside of the capacity of each one of these specialty athletes,” he says in the introduction. “So the goal is to see who can thrive, not just in their special skillset, but also outside of that and show us who is the most well rounded.”

(But we’ve seen elsewhere that the events will include jumping, soccer, and hitting a softball.)

Check out the first video below!

In the last series, Luis Mosquera took home first by a pretty sizable margin. Check out the athlete placing’s from the last series below.

  • Luis Mosquera – 25 points
  • Jacob Heppner – 32 points
  • Lawrence Balleneger – 38 points
  • Steve Gentili – 38 points

So now the question is, can the weightlifter take home the first place finish once again? Or will a different strength athlete come out on top? Leave a comment below!

Feature image from Brute Strength YouTube channel.