Brute Showdown Finale: Does the Bodybuilder, Weightlifter, CrossFitter, or Powerlifter Win?

“Actually, I really suck at soccer. I got kicked out when I was about 9 years old, the coach said I was too aggressive with the other kids when they’d come after the ball, so I think the last time I touched a soccer ball I was 9.” – Steve Gentili

Earlier today, the conclusion of the Brute Strength Showdown was released on YouTube, and let me be the first to say, it doesn’t disappoint. Wait, which series? Over the last month, Brute Strength has taken an Olympic level weightlifter, an elite powerlifter, a professional bodybuilder, and a CrossFit Games level athlete, and pitted them against one another in a multi-event competition.

The first events have ranged from things like a max clean, heaviest deadlift, a posing contest, and a CrossFit workout. In addition, there were events like a burger eating contest in episode, and the final episode below includes events like a football combine test, soccer dribbling, knockout (basketball), and much more.

For the final episode, competitors compete in events and sport movements completely foreign to their respective strength sports. In case you’ve missed the previous episodes in this four part series we’ve covered episode two and three, and I’d recommend checking them out before reading further (spoiler alert below).

Moving on, regardless if you’ve been following along the whole time, or you’re new I think it’s worth mentioning the competitors again, along with their strength sports.

Athletes That Competed

  • Weightlifter: Luis Mosquera (2016 Rio Olympics 69kg bronze medalist)
  • CrossFit Games Athlete: Jacob Heppner 
  • Bodybuilder: Lawrence Balleneger
  • Powerlifter: Steve Gentili

Who Came Out On Top?

If you had to take a pick, who do you think would come out on top in respects to being the most dynamic athlete? To be honest, I had my money on Heppner or Mosquera come out on top, but thought Heppner would walk away with the win, although, I was happily wrong.

Mosquera ended up taking home first after a commanding performance in episode four with no finishes above second place. He finished first in every football combine event, first in the batting cages, and first in knockout.

  • Luis Mosquera – 25 points
  • Jacob Heppner – 32 points
  • Lawrence Balleneger – 38 points
  • Steve Gentili – 38 points
Brute Strength Episode 4
Brute Strength Episode 4

Gentili says it best, “Don’t read too deeply into it.”

Obviously, not every athlete was in the same weight class, so an argument could be made about the events being slightly catered towards a lighter weight athlete, and so forth, but that shouldn’t be a hang up. Every athlete involved excels in their respective sport, and it was fun watching them come together to take on these multiple events.

Hopefully we see more series like this in the near future!

Feature image from Brute Strength YouTube channel.