Powerlifter Cailer Woolam Deadlifts 390kg for a Lifetime PR

Cailer Woolam continues to bring his conventional deadlift numbers up!

Cailer Woolam, or “Doctor Deadlift” as he’s known on his Instagram page, has a new personal record in the conventional deadlift: 390kg/860lbs. 

For background, Woolam’s best competition deadlift to date is 431 kilograms (950 pounds), which was an all-time world record that he made in April. When Woolam’s competing he typically pulls sumo instead of conventional, so it’s been awesome watching his progress in both deadlift styles and the differences in training methods he uses for the two.

Take a look at his new conventional PR below, which beat his previous best by 5 kilograms. He wrote,

860lbs/390kg – 5kg conventinal deadlift PR. Moved pretty great for this being the most I’ve ever done. So that’s cool. Great way to use my new deadlift bar for the first time! 

We learned a few interesting things in Woolam’s replies to the comments on the post as well: he faced all the plates inward so as not to inadvertently advertise a brand, he thinks Rogue’s deadlift bars are far superior to Texas deadlift bars, and he’s pulling hook grip “to save the biceps.”

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Woolam appears to be in a conventional deadlift training block, and earlier this month he pulled a 410-kilogram PR off of blocks.

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When asked how he’s able to lift so close to his max so frequently, he said that “low volume is the key to lifting heavy more often.”

On Friday, he posted on his Instagram story that he got invited to the World Raw Powerlifting Championships in December. He shared the invite, and captioned it “decisions” with a thinking emoji. We’re not sure when Woolam will come to any decision on this, but we sure hope to see him back out on the platform again soon pulling some insane weight.

Featured image from @doctor.deadlift Instagram page.