Powerlifter Cailer Woolam Smokes a 425kg/937 lb Deadlift

This is Cailer Woolam's heaviest deadlift ever in training!

The Doctor will see you now. It seems like we’ve written about Cailer Woolam pretty frequently over the last couple months, but hey, we don’t think anyone is complaining. Most recently, we covered the man’s smooth 415kg/915 lb deadlift and we thought that was legendary, however, he has once again dropped the jaws of athletes everywhere. 

In Woolam’s latest Instagram video, he shared an incredibly strong 425kg/937 lb deadlift with a lockout that promises we can expect big things from him at his next competition. 

In his Instagram caption he states, “425kg/937lbs for a nice single today. This is actually the most I’ve ever done in training! Still a lot to fix here.”

Multiple elite athletes shared their own comments on the video, including Eric Lilliebridge, who holds the third all-time highest Wilks score for men wrote, “Mind blowing how easy you pull 937lbs. I think you will be the first to pull 1,000lbs sumo in competition.”

Powerlifting legend Ed Coan wrote, “Lockout was great,” and strength coach Evan Rutledge added, “”Nice single. Very easy. Oh hey, its also a PR teehee”” fu*k dude you’re killing us.”

Woolam already holds the 198 lb all-time deadlift world record with his 400kg/881 lb pull that he hit back in 2017 at the USPA Corpus Christi Open, and the 220 lb all-time deadlift world record of 431kg/950 lbs which he set in April at the Kern US Open .

Looking at Woolam’s latest 937 lb pull and his 950 lb all-time world record above, the differences in speed and lockout are certainly promising for what’s to come. Obviously, there are vast differences when lifting in competition and training, but we’re optimistic that a new all-time world record will fall in the near future. 

As of right now, we’re uncertain when Woolam will take the platform next, however, he has been invited to the World Raw Powerlifting Championships in December. He hasn’t publicly disclosed if he’ll be in attendance yet. 

Feature image from @doctor.deadlift Instagram page.