Powerlifter Cailer Woolam Looks Strong As Ever With Beltless 415kg/915lb Deadlift

Cailer Woolam pulled over 900 pounds for the first time in months — and he did it beltless.

We know that Cailer Woolam can deadlift.  We’re talking about a guy that goes by “Doctor Deadlift” on Instagram and has deadlifted 950 pounds, or 431 kilograms for an all-time world record in the 100kg/220 lb weight class. 

That being said, Woolam has been looking seriously impressive during his latest training videos, and this past week showed off a solid deadlift session where he pulled a speedy 915 pounds/415 kilograms. Importantly, the guy beltless in this lift also noted that this was the first time he deadlifted 900 pounds in several months. His caption said,


After 405kg. I did it beltless because its really not that fkn hard to not use a belt pulling sumo. First 900 from the floor in several months.


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Woolam has been mixing in both sumo and conventional deadlifts in his training. Last week he pulled  881lb/400kg sumo, and then less than a month ago he hit his conventional personal record when he pulled 881lbs/400kg.

That was a pretty major milestone for Woolam, who is known in the powerlifting world for his record-setting sumo deadlift. 


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The man’s best ever competition deadlift was 950 lbs/431 kg, which was also an all-time world record, which he made in April at the Kern US Open. He weighed in at 214 lbs on that day — the fact that he’s pulling just 16 kilos shy of this record without a belt is remarkable to say the least.

So when do we get to see Doctor Deadlift back on the platform? It looks like he’s received an invite to the World Raw Powerlifting Championships in December, but we don’t know whether or not he has officially decided to attend. We’ll be sure to update this once we find out the next competition he will be attending. 

In the meantime, we can get fired up over the crazy sumo and conventional pulls he’s getting after during training.

Featured image from @doctor.deadlift Instagram page.