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Clean & Jerk Tips

5 Exercises to Strengthen a Lagging Jerk

Split, power, and squat jerks all are effective ways to hoist heavy loads overhead. Many lifters, however, find themselves struggling to properly move heavy loads from the front rack to the lockout position

PAP Training Methods

The New Way to Train Post-Activation Potentiation (PAP)

Post-Activation Potentiation (PAP) is a training concept used by strength and conditioning coaches when the goal is increasing force output and rate of force development. Generally, the methodology behind PAP is reserved for

Adidas Adipower 2

Adidas Adipower 2 Review

The original Adidas Adipower weightlifting shoe has been a fan favorite for multiple years, so when word was officially released about the 2’s debut, weightlifters everywhere rejoiced. One thing that’s very noticeable about the


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