USA Weightlifting Strongest High School Combine

USA Weightlifting Announces the Strongest High Schoolers in America

If you're curious about what some of the strongest high school athletes across the nation are lifting, now you can find out.On March 1st, we reported on USA Weightlifting's new method to seek out potential new and young talent...
Chad Vaughn and Cheryl Haworth

Why Two Multi-Time Olympians Are Launching the USA Weightlifting Podcast

I am a thinker. I ask “why” and “why not” about anything and everything all day every day.Why do many athletes that perform the Olympic lifts on a regular basis not do any of their squats to an extreme...

Intermittent Fasting and Glycogen Depletion

In this article we will discuss two topics that are circling the minds of strength, power, and fitness athletes alike these days...Intermittent fasting and glycogen depletion.Below, we will briefly describe each, discuss some potential benefits (and limitations), and go...
Deep overhead squats

Are Deep Squats Bad for Your Knees?

“Ha! Look at these goobers thinking their 300-pound ass-to-grass squats are better than my 400-pound parallel squats. I’m lifting more weight and being smarter about my injury risk. Don’t they know deep squats will blow their knees out?”Nnnnnah. The...

Glycogen Depletion – Signs and Symptoms

In an earlier article we took a very deep look at what glycogen is, the benefits it can provide strength, power, and fitness athletes, and how you can maximize its ergogenic effects. Sometimes, however, an athlete/coach may not not...
Oleg Slobodyanyuk 300kg front squat

Weightlifter Oleg Slobodyanyuk’s Huge 300kg Front Squat Was Crazy Fast

The first thing we said when we saw this video was, “Wait, what?”This is one of the heaviest beltless front squats we’ve ever seen and certainly the heaviest we’ve seen lately. Ukrainian weightlifter Oleg Slobodyanyuk's lift below is so...
Muscle Glycogen

What Is Glycogen and How Does it Help Build Muscle?

The inclusion of carbohydrate supplementation post-workout and/or during strenuous training sessions has repeatedly been shown to increase muscle glycogen levels, enhance protein synthesis, and increased exercise performance. Strength, power, and fitness athletes should understand the positive (performance-enhancing) effects increase...
Brute Strength Competition Athletes

A Weightlifter, Powerlifter, Bodybuilder, and CrossFitter Face Off: Who Will Win?

Strength fans rejoice, we have another lifting competition series to watch on YouTube, and this time it's taking a slightly different spin.As opposed to making similar athletes go head-to-head in a series of events, Brute Strength have taken it...
Aleksey Lovchev Apollon axle clean and thrust

Aleksey Lovchev Hits a 200kg Axle Clean Thruster

The axle clean & thruster isn’t a move you see performed on stage very often, but Aleksey Lovchev probably just made a record in the lift. The twenty-eight-year-old Russian posted this clip of a lift he made at an event...
Wes Kitts barely misses a 221kg clean & jerk

Watch Weightlifter Wes Kitts Barely Miss a 221kg Clean & Jerk

Wes Kitts is one of the brightest jewels in California Strength’s crown, routinely lighting up Instagram with his feats of strength. His latest: an excellent clean followed by an almost jerk of 221 kilograms (487.2lb). Watch the lift that...


IWF Clean Sport Commission Plans to Appoint Independent Testing Authority

On September 30th, the IWF confirmed the one-year bans presented to the national weightlifting bodies of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey,...

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