CrossFit Affiliate Issues New Dress Code Banning “Booty Shorts”

Graham Holmberg is the owner of CrossFit Hilliard in Hilliard, Ohio.

Earlier this week, Graham Holmberg, CrossFit Games athlete and owner of CrossFit Hilliard – Eleventh Element in Hilliard, Ohio, issued a new dress code policy to the gym’s members.

According to The Morning Chalk Up, which first reported the news, Holmberg’s dress code prohibits all members from taking off their shirts in the box (during and after), and women are not allowed to wear “booty shorts.”

“We understand the temperatures are getting hot, but we ask that you consider bringing an extra shirt as we will no longer be allowing shirtless workouts for men and women,” the Morning Chalk Up quoted from the policy. “Additionally, female athletes will no longer be allowed to wear ‘booty shorts.’”

Allegedly, this policy was also put into effect just a day after the email was sent out to the members of CrossFit Hilliard.

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BarBend reached out to Holmberg for a comment about his decision to implement the policy, and we’ll update this post if we receive a reply. Holmberg is a six-time CrossFit Games competitor — he was Games champion in 2010 — and recently competed at the ROGUE Invitational in the Legends division, finishing in second place behind Jason Khalipa.

A few years ago, BarBend contributor and researcher Katie Rose Hejtmanek wrote an op-ed titled Booty Shorts & Bare Chests. To write this piece, she spent time in a CrossFit affiliate, and on the first day at the gym she received a comment for wearing workout capris rather than “booty shorts.”

While this comment eventually went on to prompt Hejtmanek’s introduction for her piece, it also suggests just how common and normalized “booty shorts” have become in CrossFit.

Featured image from @eleventhelement_cf Instagram page.