Watch: CrossFit Games Athletes Make Fun of Gym Stereotypes

“I need more chalk for burpees!”

“I could go faster but I gotta play it safe, I could make Regionals in a couple of years.”

So, this is pretty great. Reebok Canada has just released a sketch that’s all about (gently) mocking the kinds of people you just may have come across in your CrossFit box from time to time. And we’ve got to say, we recognized a lot of these characters.

We’re not talking about the “actors” themselves, which include athletes Patrick Vellner, Emily Abbott, Brent Fikowski, Tyson Takasaki, Paul Tremblay, and Albert-Dominic Larouche, but the characters they play.

We’re sure you recognize some of them, including the guy who needs every piece of gear in the gym (even knee sleeves on his elbows), the one who can’t squat without the right shoes, the athlete who always needs to pee right before the metcon, the guy who “just wants to grind”…

I’s a good watch.

What do you think was missing? We would have liked to see:

This is probably the funniest video we’ve seen set in a CrossFit box since Conan O’Brien and Kevin Hart visited CrossFit Horsepower in Los Angeles county.

The two visted the gym last September, and the famously fit Hart took Conan through circuits of slam balls, partner sit-ups, and muscle-ups. (Hart is actually pretty darn fit: check out our article on his very impressive bench press.)

Anyway, Reebok Canada’s skit from today was a great way to start the weekend, and we hope to see more CrossFit athletes flexing their comedy muscle.

Featured image via Reebok Canada on Facebook.