Dmitry Klokov Shows What Happens When Your Feet Are Too Narrow

What happens when your feet are too close together in the receiving position of a clean? Well, let Dmitry Klokov show you.

In a recent training seminar that took place on CrossFit Cimarron (that’s in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay), the former World Champion and Olympic silver medalist was breaking down the clean & jerk. What we loved was his hands-on teaching style, and we mean that literally. Take a look, but please: DO NOT try this at home!

“Feet too close, you can’t move it like this!”

His caption reads,

This is what can happens with you in catching position if your feet Is too narrow
What can happens with you if your feet will be too wide in catching position ? what do you think ?

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Before the seminar, Klokov joined the athletes drinking mate, a kind of high-caffeine tea that Uruguay defines by law as “the national infusion.” (It’s also pretty popular in Argentina, Bolivia, and other nearby nations.)

“Why you drink guys this? It’s not tasty!” he grimaces in the video below. Then, like a werewolf undergoing a transformation, he feels the power. “Energy… I’m full of energy now!”

The retired weightlifter has been doing something of a tour of the Americas this month. Just last week, he trained with Kirill Sarychev and YouTube fitness personality Bradley Martyn at Zoo Culture, a gym in California.

While he was there, he pulled off what looks an awful lot like a 1-rep max push press of 203 kilograms (447.5 pounds). Klokov typically weighs around 105 kilograms (231 pounds). It’s seriously heavy weight, though we saw him go much, much heavier in his prime.

And a few days beforehand he swung by Beachside CrossFit in Ventura, California, for an intense hang snatch of 193 kilograms (425 pounds).

But some of our favorite lifts to watch from Klokov are when he decides to go non-traditional, like the time he lifted weights underwater or when he snatched 101 kilograms with one arm.

Here’s to more Klokov weirdness — and useful training lessons — in the future.

Featured image via @klokovd on Instagram.