Eddie Hall Crushes a 226kg Seated Log Press, 2kg Shy of World Record

While he doesn’t appear to be competing in this year’s World’s Strongest Man contest in Manila, Eddie Hall still has a big year ahead of him.

In multiple interviews with Hall — like ours, you should totally read it — he’s said that he’s going to stay in the sport of strongman until 2019. But although he is one of the most accomplished strongmen on Earth, has won five straight Britain’s Strongest Man contests, six straight UK’s Strongest Man titles, and is the current reigning World’s Strongest Man, there’s one title that has eluded him: Europe’s Strongest Man. He came in second last year and while we don’t know when he’ll end his strongman career, it’s possible that this year’s ESM will be his last.

The event is just three weeks away and it’s clear that Hall has been taking his training pretty seriously. He just posted this video to his YouTube of a training session with forty reps of 60-kilogram (132.3-pound) dumbbell overhead presses — that’s 60kg per hand — but the real highlight comes at the end of the clip when he makes a log press of 226 kilograms (498.2 pounds).

He posted with the caption,

226KG strict log press tonight…. 40 reps x 60kg had to do everything seated today as managed to badly twist my ankle fighting bears at the weekend 🙈🙈 (did it stepping down a step) 🙈🙈

It was hard enough to wrap our minds around the muscular endurance required for those overhead presses, but then he went on to that log press. That log press. Sure, it didn’t involve any cleaning, but it’s just two kilograms shy of the world record set by Zydrunas “Big Z” Savickas 2015.

[Ever seen the three-person log press world record? Watch 502.5 kilograms go up here.]

Savickas will be competing at the ESM event alongside Hafthor Bjornsson, Mark Felix, and in the log lift only event, Iron Biby.

In a recent Instagram post, Savickas said that he’s aiming to lift over 230 kilograms in the log press, even agreeing with one commenter that 235 kilograms is “achievable.” Looks like we’re going to see a hell of a fight.

Featured image via Strongman Eddie Hall on YouTube.