Throwback: The Three-Person Log Press World Record!

The Log Press is one of the most beloved strongman events — who doesn’t appreciate the dramatic, wobbly cleans, the pregnant pauses in the front rack, and the triumphant, victorious stance of the completed overhead press? The movement encapsulates everything that’s dear to strength sports and essentially defines perseverance.

Make it a partner workout, and you’re adding another dimension to it: teamwork. It makes the dream work, guys.

In this case, the dream was to break the world record in the three-man log press, and we woke up this Thursday thinking that there’s never been a better time to remind our readers of this glorious world record set in Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, back in 2013.

The contestants? Lithuanian strongmen Vytautas Lalas, Vidas Blekaitis, and Big Z himself, Zydrunas Savickas. Check out the lift below.

A log weighing 502.5 kilograms (1107.8 pounds) comes out to 167.5kg (370lb) each, plus you have to factor in the extra challenges of coordinating and timing the cleans and presses with two other strongmen.

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The world record for the one-person log press (also called “the log press”) is currently held by Big Z, who cleaned and pressed 228kg (501lb) at the 2015 Arnold Classic Brazil.

Partner lifts like the three-man log lift aren’t quite as highly contested as your standard lifts, but it’s always fun to see different ways that athletes try to break them. The closest thing we could find to a two-person log press was this pretty impressive two-person clean and jerk of 260kg (573lb), made by two 69kg lifters. (They work their way up from 170kg.)

And who could forget the partner deadlift world record set by World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall and Mark Felix last year?

That bar weighed 850kg (1873lb). Got any more favorite partner lifts? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image via Muscle Screens on YouTube.