Watch -72kg Jessica Buettner Pull a Huge 205kg for 5 Reps

The junior world record holder is still pulling serious weight after setting a national record earlier this month.

The sky’s the limit for 24-year-old powerlifter Jessica Buettner. The Canadian athlete is a tour de force in the sport, holding two IPF junior world records, and in a recent Instagram post she showed that her training is not slowing down.

Take a look at this monster deadlift set she made with 205 kilograms (452 pounds) for 5 reps, which is currently circulating on numerous powerlifting social media pages.

In her caption she wrote,

452lbs/205kgs x 5
Late night DLs @mettleptc last night!
Motivation was low, literally just went home after my backoff sets and didnt do anything else, but Im always glad I went.
Can you tell I havent done laundry since last week? 😂

We’re especially impressed that she needed to reset before the final rep but still made it happen.

This strong set comes just a couple of weeks after Buettner set a national Canadian record in the deadlift with a huge (and fast) 510-pound lift. Note that she’s got a big old chalk mark on her face — she was slapping herself to psych up for the pull. (Hey, it seemed to work.)

You can see her 530-pound attempt as well on this post, which she said “was moving but I started to black out and lost some positioning too.” It’s worth pointing out that Buettner has Type 1 diabetes and that she said her “blood sugar was a little low for all three deadlifts,” but she still managed a national record and a total PR of 519 kilograms (1,144 pounds).

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It’s been almost a year since Buettner set her junior world records at IPF Worlds, when she made a deadlift of 227.5 kilograms (501.5 pounds) and totaled 504 kilograms (1,111.1 pounds).

She’s no longer a junior athlete, but it certainly looks like her future in the sport is bright.

Featured image via @djessicabuettner