NC State Lineman Kentavius Street Squats a Monster 700 Pounds

Have you ever seen a better way to get hyped up for a heavy lift than this?

Kentavius Street is a senior at NC State and a strong-side defensive end for their football team, The Wolfpack. And it looks like the Wolfpack really are all about team spirit. Check out the way his squad cheers him on as he sets up, walks out, and totally crushes an enormous squat of 700 pounds (317.5 kilograms).

Who wouldn’t want that kind of celebration every time they hit a 1-rep max PR?

The six foot two, 282-pound athlete is known for his tremendous combination of size, speed, and power, and it looks like we know one of the reasons why.

Heavy squats aren’t just great for quad swoleness. Studies have shown that they’re great for strong hamstrings, which help sprinting speed and jumping; core strength and stability; and calf size and strength, which can reduce the risk of ankle sprains and improve the ability to generate and absorb power through the ground. All of this amounts to faster, safer, and more precise sprinting, cutting, and agility.

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Last year, Street said in an interview that he knows defense “like the back of my hand” and he was focusing his efforts on “play(ing) as fast as possible.”

Squats, baby.

Here’s another angle from NC State Football’s Twitter account.

And one more from the front.

All those squats (and, of course, the rest of his diet and training) are paying off. Kentavius Street has a 40-inch vertical jump and can run a 4.58 40-yard dash. He gives credit where credit is due, too, posting a tweet after his squat went viral that said, “Appreciate it coach wouldn’t be the man nor athlete I am today without ya.”

Featured image via @PackFootball on Twitter.