Krzysztof Wierzbicki Deadlifted 400kg at 97kg Without Even Wearing a Belt

One of the most impressive pulls from the world record holder.

Polish powerlifting powerhouse Krzysztof Wierzbicki is pretty popular for his prodigious pulling prowess — OK, we’ll stop — and his latest deadlift is making waves. At the Three Nations Powerlifting Open 2020, a meet held over the weekend in Bayreuth, Germany, the man deadlifted 400 kilograms at 97.1 kilos bodyweight (881.9lb at 214lb). 

On a stiff bar.

Without wearing a weightlifting belt. 

Deadlifting over triple bodyweight without a lifting belt is relatively rare, and this man deadlifted 4.12 times his bodyweight without one — it’s about as raw as you can get. Take a look at the mindblowing lift below.

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The “Three Nations” part of the title meant that only Germans, Austrians, and Swiss athletes were to compete, but the Polish Wierzbicki competed as a special guest and totaled 895 kilos:

  • Squat: 305kg
  • Bench: 190kg
  • Deadlift: 400kg

He wrote on Instagram,

This time I was invited as a special guest at Three Nations Powerlifting Open 2020. And I tested my current form which allowed 895kg in total
Three weeks ago my shoulder injury was renewed and did not lift more than 175kg on bench press training. Now a little break and I come back in March with huge numbers. Be cautious

Now, the official website of the meet is in German, so we’re not as certain of this information as we could be, but we understand that the event wasn’t officially sanctioned by a federation like the IPF, in which Wierzbicki normally lifts. If it were an IPF meet, this would be the heaviest raw deadlift in IPF history. It would beat out Ray Williams’ famous 398.5-kilo deadlift he made in 2018, and Williams is a superheavyweight who set his record weighing 182 kilos — Wierzbicki was lifting this weekend at just 97.1 kilos.

Now, it’s not the first time we’ve seen the man make a 400kg deadlift; we wrote about a 400kg lift he made in 2017 and another in 2018, but they were with belts.

This recent combination of 400kg-plus-stiff-bar-plus-no-belt is jaw dropping in its own right.

It’s worth remembering that these are the IPF records Wierzbicki currently holds:

  • -93kg raw deadlift: 372.5kg
  • -105kg raw deadlift: 390.5kg
  • -105kg raw total: 895.5kg
  • -120kg equipped deadlift: 420kg

That 420kg equipped lift he actually made weighing “just” 105.07 kilos, and to this day, it’s the heaviest deadlift ever made in the history of the IPF.

Here’s to his next IPF meet.

Featured image via @kingofthelifts and @mr.deadlift on Instagram