Larry Wheels Pause Bench Presses a Massive 550+ lbs for Five Reps

How much weight do you think is on the bar?

Well, it’s safe to say the holidays have treated Larry “Wheels” Williams’ strength incredibly well after watching his latest Instagram video. 

Yesterday, Wheels shared a video highlighting a bench press set with five long(er) pauses on each rep. The pauses alone make this set remarkable, but what might be most impressive is the weight on the bar. In Wheels’ Instagram description, he doesn’t share the weight, but from what we can see it looks as though there’s 565 lbs on the bar. 

In the comments section, many viewers went back and forth on how much weight is actually on the bar, however, we think it appears to be five plates and a 35 lb plate on the end due to the plate’s size — but we’d love your thoughts, so share them in the comments below.

Regardless if it’s a 25 lb or 35 lb plate, the set is still crazy impressive, check it out below!

In terms of impressive bench press sets, this isn’t the first crazy set Wheels has shared recently. 

Last week, he shared a ridiculous bench set with 455 lbs on the bar and hit it for 12 reps, and let’s not ignore the fact that he repped this weight out in flip flops. 

As we head into 2020, Wheels has shared some impressive bench press content over the last few months to cap off 2019.

For example, after his last meet that took place in late November, he shared a 640 lb bench press, which he hit with complete ease. And at the meet itself, Wheels finished his attempts with a 635 lb press. Check out the 640 lb press below. 

We don’t know about you, but we’re excited to see what Wheels is able to accomplish in 2020. After watching his close bench attempt with 700 lbs on the bar from early November — and after tackling 675 lbs before — we’re pretty optimistic that we’ll see him tackle this feat in the next calendar year!

Feature image from @larrywheels Instagram page.