Watch Larry “Wheels” Williams Hit a Bench PR of 675lbs

Larry Wheels shows off his crazy bench press strength during training.

What can’t Larry “Wheels” Williams do? The powerlifter-turned-bodybuilder-turned-strongman is a strength athlete of many talents.

After earning powerlifting world record totals in the 242-pound weight class with 2,1717 pounds and the 275-pound weight class with 2,291 pounds, he recently made the move from powerlifting to strongman. There really doesn’t seem to be much in Wheels’ way, and on Thursday he blessed the social media world with a strong 675 pound bench press. This 675 pound bench press was a new personal record and beat his previous personal record by 25 pounds.

A couple months ago we got to speculate how many 800 pound deadlifts Wheels could make in a set. In a lengthy YouTube video with the current World’s Strongest Man™ Hafthor Bjornsson, he showed off an impressive seven reps. Each month it seems like Wheels is giving us something to get pumped up over, and while this bench press was certainly up there it’s hard to forget the thrilling Bjornsson vs. Wheels arm wrestle battle.

This heavy bench press comes just a couple weeks after he showed off a light weight, but high rep bench of 225 pounds for 70 reps.

Wheels’ best bench press in competition was 610 pounds at the Insurrextion VI in New York last year. He competed in the Pro Open division and the 275 pound class.

Most recently he was a guest competitor at the 2019 World Log Lift Challenge, where he ended up finishing in fifth place with a best lift of 447.5 pounds. This certainly isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing Wheels in the biggest strongman events in the world, however as for what competition he’ll be at next? We’ll have to wait and see. But, whatever it may be, if he’s hitting personal records like this in training, he’s in a good spot next time he competes.

Feature image from @larrywheels Instagram page.