Watch Hafthor Bjornsson, Eddie Hall, And Larry Wheels Eat OVER Four Pounds of Sushi Each

Watch these strongmen take on A LOT of sushi...

Strongman competitors Hafthor Björnsson, Eddie Hall, and Larry Wheels may have just taken on the fishiest food challenge we’ve seen to date. It’s becoming a common occurrence in the strongman community to eat an obscene amount of food and then of course document it for the masses — people love watching these massive athletes eat.

For example, we recently watched Bjornsson, attempt to eat 200 burgers with his friends, and Brian Shaw attempt to eat the full Taco Bell menu

In the latest video, Bjornsson, Hall, and Wheels decided to take on a sushi eating challenge.

You know you’ve ordered a good amount of sushi when the restaurant brings out the special boat display with all the rolls, but these guys ordered four pounds of sushi…each. They also decided they would have to eat all of the sushi in 15 minutes because…why not?

Around four minutes into the video, the sushi comes out to the table and the timer begins. All of the guys have their gloves on, water in close proximity, and are ready to eat!

The Sushi Challenge

  • 2 kg/4lbs sushi
  • 15 minutes time cap

Once the eating starts, it is almost as hard to watch as it probably felt for these guys to stomach this unfathomable amount of sushi. Expect to see a lot of sushi rice everywhere, burping noises, and moans of discomfort. Out of all three, Bjornsson looked the most at ease consuming the copious amounts of rolls. He also ended up eating the most, only leaving about one roll left. 

“I almost threw up like twice, but just because I was trying to eat so fast…,” Björnsson said at the end of the challenge. Hall chimed in, “I’m still hungry, I just can’t stomach anymore raw food.” Hall and Wheels didn’t get close to finishing what Björnsson did, however both admitted that they still had room in their stomach, just not for raw fish!

Apparently there was once a customer at this sushi place that finished the two kilos or 4.4 pounds of sushi in 14 minutes and 50 seconds. “He looks normal,” Wheels said when looking at a photo of the guy. “Crazy guy,” Björnsson added.

For winning the challenge out of the three, the restaurant gave Björnsson a shiny gold belt.

We think it’s fair to say it’s probably a good thing none of these guys will be competing at the World’s Ultimate Strongman competition this weekend, because digesting that amount of raw fish will probably take a couple of days!

Featured image from Larry Wheels’ YouTube channel.