Martin Tye Deadlifts 501kg for New Seated Deadlift World Record

Strongman athlete Martin Tye made history at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival.

Over the weekend, the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival took place in Columbus, Ohio. The Expo saw over 22,000 athletes in attendance and well over 200,000 spectators came through the convention center doors.

Of all the strength sports events that took place, few compare to the attention the strongman competitions receive. While Hafthor Bjornsson was busy taking home first place at the 2019 Arnold Strongman Classic, Martin Tye was busy etching his name in the history books at the Arnold Disabled Strongman competition. Tye not only won the Seated division at the Arnold Disabled Strongman competition, he also broke his previous seated deadlift world record.

Back in December, Tye made history when he completed his epic 500kg/1,102 lb seated deadlift. This lift caught a ton of attention in the strength community, and helped Tye forever seal his name in strongman history books. Although, that record didn’t stand for long, as Tye has already broke it and pushed the limits even further.

The seated deadlift served as the second event at the Arnold Disabled Strongman competition. For his first attempt, Tye deadlifted a monstrous 408kg/900 lbs, which he called a “safe lift” on his Instagram page before going big on his next pull. On the second deadlift, Tye called for 501kg/1,105 lbs on the bar, which is a weight no human has ever lifted from the floor. 

In Tye’s Instagram video’s description he writes, “Second Deadlift. This is for the new world record of 501 kg, lifting more than any human has ever lifted before.”

After taking home first in the seated deadlift and setting a new world record, Tye went on to win the whole competition, and took home first in three of the four events.

Last year, Tye took home second place behind Mark Smith at the 2018 Arnold Disabled Strongman competition. It was great watching him put on such an awesome and commanding performance this year, and keep his momentum going from the 2018 World’s Strongest Disabled Man. Our next question is — what will Tye deadlift at his next major competition?

Feature image from @strongmantye Instagram page.