Mat Fraser Hit a 415 lb Split Jerk PR In Prep for CrossFit Strength In Depth

Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey are crushing their training together.

Veteran weightlifter and 4x CrossFit Games Champion Mat Fraser has been crushing his training for the 2020 CrossFit Games season. 

This year alone, Fraser came in 2nd worldwide and 1st in the United States for the 2020 CrossFit Open, and just this weekend he won the CrossFit Strength In Depth Sanctionals competition. During the event, Fraser dominated the individual men’s competition and put up a strong 612 points. He finished in first place in five of the seven events, and ultimately finished more than 100 points ahead of second place finisher David Shorunke.

In a recent YouTube video shared on Armen Hammer’s channel, Hammer highlights some of Toomey and Fraser’s training in lead up to the Strength In Depth Sanctionals competition. 

We wanted to highlight Fraser and Toomey working through heavy split jerks from a box, when Fraser casually PRs his split jerk with a very strong 188kg/415 lbs.

When Hammer asked Fraser about the PR and remembering certain numbers, he noted that it was a PR from the front rack position and responded jokingly saying, “1-rep split jerk doesn’t mean sh*t, it’s like a pat on the back, ‘okay, you’re maintaining your strength while doing other stuff.'”

[Throwback to the time Mat Fraser snatched 132kg as an -85kg lifter at the 2012 USAW National Championships!]

That quote speaks volumes; it’s a good example of Fraser’s mentality towards constant progress and never being satisfied. 

Outside of Fraser jerking big weight, Toomey also hit some impressive lifts and when Hammer asked her about competing again in international weightlifting — she won gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games — she said that it’s not a focus right now, but it’s certainly not off the table entirely.

And on the topic of Toomey content, we recently covered her diet in detail, so check that out below if you’re interested!

Needless to say, Fraser and Toomey are going to be a forces to be reckoned with yet again when the 2020 CrossFit Games roll around. Now that they’re training together more consistently and pushing one another to new levels, we have to wonder — can anyone take them down off the podium?

Feature image from ArmenHammerTV YouTube channel.