Actor Max Greenfield Talks CrossFit With Jason Khalipa

“Every other person was like, hey man, nice job, and the first thing Khalipa said was, ‘Woah, man. We have some work to do,'” Max Greenfield jokes as he talks about Jason Khalipa’s first reaction to his legs after a workout.

Wait, who is Max Greenfield again?

He’s an actor, and best known for his time spent playing Schmidt in the 2011-2018 hit TV series, New Girl. If you don’t recognize his name there, then you may recognize Greenfield’s name from the 2017 CrossFit Open article we wrote that included Open scores from multiple celebrities, or even this article from last August that discussed his obsession for the CrossFit Games.

Earlier today, 2008 CrossFit Games champion Jason Khalipa shared a podcast/YouTube video that highlights Greenfield’s acting career, family life, and love for CrossFit. The interview was super interesting and hearing about Greenfield’s success story in acting was really cool (spoiler alert: he was far from an overnight success), but what really got our attention was his talk about CrossFit.

Khalipa opens this conversation by asking how Greenfield originally got into the sport, where he replies, “I had always been a runner, I was cycling for a long time and loved it, but I would always get bored. I would run it to the end and wonder, ‘What am I doing here?'”

He explains that he eventually called his friend who loved CrossFit to ask more about the box that recently opened up near him. He goes on to say, “So I ended up going there, to CrossFit Hollywood and I couldn’t do a freaking thing. I mean not…one…thing.”

He continues to discuss his first reaction to Fran and everything else CrossFit entailed at the time, along with how it has helped him throughout his life. I recommend watching the full interview, but if you only want the CrossFit discussion, then skip to 36:40.

This CrossFit conversation was great for multiple reasons, but possibly the best part was how CrossFit helped Greenfield in other areas of life that extend outside of fitness alone. If you have the time, then we highly recommend checking out the full video.

Feature image from @iammaxgreenfield Instagram page.