How Do Your CrossFit® Open Scores Compare to These Celebrities?

The CrossFit® Open is in its third week, and we’ve seen a rollercoaster of ups and downs for many athletes. Possibly the best perk of the Open is comparing your scores to others nationwide, in your region, and in your gym. It’s a great way to measure how you stack up when compared to your peers.

Another perk that comes with CrossFit Open season is the wide variety of participants it brings together. It’s not only top athletes that are limited to competing, but everyone who chooses to participate (upon payment, of course).

Of the wide variety of participants, some are professional athletes and celebrities from various TV shows, movies, and the music industry. If you’re curious to see how you stack up to some of the celebrities that are participating in the 2017 CrossFit Open, check out the list below.

1. Max Greenfield

Greenfield, 36, is an actor who’s currently playing a major role on The New Girl. He finished 17.1 in 18:41 and completed 112 reps for 17.2.

2. Andrew Hurley

Hurley, 37, is best known as the drummer in the popular rock band Fall Out Boy. He completed 17.1 in 14:54 and finished 17.2 with a total of 103 reps.

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3. Cristiane Justino (Cris Cyborg)

Justino, 31, is arguably one of the best female fighters in the world and is signed with the UFC. She completed 17.1 in 15:37, but unfortunately has a recorded 0 for 17.2.

4. Zach Nichols

Nichols, 29, is known for the roles he’s played on MTV’s Real World and The Challenge. This year Nichols completed 17.1 in 11:16 and completed 17.2 with 182 reps. Not going to lie, those are some pretty competitive scores.

5. Jen Widerstrom

Widerstrom, 34, is a personal trainer and is known for the role she plays on The Biggest Loser. This year she finished 17.1 in 15:31 and completed a total of 137 reps for 17.2.

6. Josh Murande “Chachi Riot”

Murande, 30, is the former drummer of the American rock band Pop Evil. So far in 2017 he’s logged some incredible scores including a 11:49 finish for 17.1 and 191 reps logged for 17.2.

7. Dan Clark

Clark, 52, is an actor, athlete, producer, and author. He’s best known for the role he played as Nitro in American Gladiators. This 2017 he’s logged a 19:03 finish for 17.1 and unfortunately only logged three reps in 17.2.

So how do you stack up against the above list of celebrities?

The Open is a great time to compare yourself to the wide list of competitors that spans the world. It’s a time to assess and improve your athleticism while competing and supporting others around you.

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